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Jason's Commercial building in Lansing, MI had two problems that needed to be addressed. There were foundation drainage problems, and water was leaking into the facility's elevator shaft. He chose Ayers Basement Systems for the job mostly due to the flexibility of all the exclusive and patented products we offer, that allowed us to custom design a solution that works of all his very specific problems. "Every water control situation is not the same. It is very possible that they will have to design a solution that fits your needs, that is not the same as somebody else's, and I think they were expertly equipped to be able to do that," -- explains Jason.
Jason M. of Lansing, MI
Thursday, March 19th | 1-888-492-0231 Tammy and Brian R. from called Ayers Basement Systems for help fixing a crack in the basement of their Lansing, MI home. They were very impressed with the level of service they received from everyone in our team, but they were particularly happy with the fact that Ayers Basement Systems had a solution to fix the basement from the interior, without the need of disruptive exterior excavation. They were also very impressed with the fact that the repairs are backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.
Tammy & Brian R. of Lansing, MI
Mr. Ayers is terrific! As is his staff.
Hirsh of East Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Dear Mr. Ayers, I would like to highly commend David and his crew helper. They were at my house on Wednesday (April 22, 2015), to complete the work left on my crawl space project. They were good natured and hard working. You can be proud to have them represent your company in work ethics and quality of work performed.
JoAnne H. of Eaton Rapids, MI
Wednesday, April 22nd
I had only heard good comments regarding their business ethics and workmanship. You have an awesome group of young men. They worked tirelessly for 2 days. I never heard one curse word or any disagreements among them. They were a total team from start to finish. I hope I never have a reason to need your services but would not hesitate to call you if the need arose. I will recommend you 100%. 
Carol O. of Eaton Rapids, MI
Thursday, April 20th
I would like to commend the employees of Ayers who were involved in the extensive basement/crawl space project at The Jean Bradford Kline Senior Center. Our building is old, and it was well past the time to address water issues when we first contacted Greg Carey. He put together an excellent presentation to show our Board of Directors and members to help them understand what we would need to do to fix our multiple water problems. Dillon Birchmeier and his crew did an excellent job, worked quickly and efficiently, and were very porfessional. They took time to explain to members who asked just what they were doing, which we appreciated. They were professional and personable. Greg stopped by over the course of the project to answer questions that I had,and keep abreast of the progress. We are still waiting on the concrete raising, but understand that weather has been a factor in delaying that part of our repairs. I hope we do not need the services of Ayers again, but I would not hesitate to reccomend your company. Sincerly, Rita Honeysett, Director  
Eaton Rapids S. of Eaton Rapids, MI
Monday, July 1st
We were refered to Ayers Basement Systems by Lennys Carpet . We had heard the name from friends and relatives but never needed to use them until now. The Project Manager was great, the work performed was very satisfactory and the crew was hard workig, thoughtful and communicatred well.
Jim of Laingsburg, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
The three pump system is incredible. Ayers actually grounded this huge hole in the basement and then installed this receptacle to hold the three pumps and the drain for them to work. This is an awesome system. It's a no-fail system! The yearly $95 review checkup of my three pump system is fantastic! The attendant, Justin Bonneville, is superb. Justin does everything efficiently and leaves nothing undone. He cleans and checks all three pumps, checks my battery and backup system. Justin cleans the outside drain. Opens it up and cleans it. The overstrain is checked. The two eave trough underground drains are cleaned. Now the dehumidifier clean air system, the SaniDry. Justin checks the ant of moisture that the system is working at. He uses an instrument to check this and finds the SaniDry is not working properly and will need to be sent in to the company. He has to go back to Ayers' shop and see if they have a loaner! Wow! A loaner and no charge. Justin gets it, a big huge appliance that does wonders: dehumidifies, cleans air, has a cardboard filter and a mesh metal filter, so efficient with a little giant pump that does wonders; water from the moisture in the air is pumped into septic container to outside; amazing process. Justin takes my SaniDry to have it overhauled. I get a practically new one to use for a month or so while mine is being fixed . Ayers takes such excellent care of their customers! Justin hauls this SaniDry up the stairs no big deal! It is now 4:30 p.m. He came at 11:00 am. All this for a yearly check of $95! Ayers is heaven. The customer needs to be there the whole time because you learn how to care for your basement. Thank you, Justin Bonneville! 
Jean H. of Lansing, MI
Monday, July 27th
I chose Ayers when I looked in the Yellow Pages. The clean-up process was very nice- I really liked it
Darlene H. of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, August 10th
Glen Roble answered the phone whenever I called and always explained everything to me. He helped me get someone to explain how the system worked. Glen also helped me understand how the side walk had to be done. Glen helped me feel comfortable when the pumps were going in. Larry did a great job and so did Gavino. I loved having them here and the work they did was SUPERB! They should receive the WOW Service Award. They seemed to be two very down to earth people and a joy to be around. They went above and beyond to do some extra things to make me happy and feel at ease. Larry and Gavino worked very well together! They were trustworthy and careful with my house.  Chris Fues is terriffic and explained everything and showed me how all the pumps work. Chris checked to make sure everything was corectly added. He also explained how other tubes could be put into drains and how alarms work. I am very appreciative that Ayers has their own electrician Brian. He did an effective job of installing the extra plug and made sure it was hooked up the the generator. He was kind respectable and professional. The office staff who answered the phones were so helpful. They made sure I got the service I needed.  Thank you so much for everything. 
Jean H. of Lansing, MI
Friday, June 27th
Our project manager's presentation and credibility factor helped us decide to use Ayers Basement Systems. The crew were very knowledable in all facets; they were quiet, good workers, and completed the job earlier than expected.
Therese A. of Lansing, MI
Crew was very professional and polite. Project Manager was great and explained everything. Main reason for choosing Ayers Basement Systems was reliability. A great job overall.
Rice of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
The installation crew and Project Manager were professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. The problem and plan of treatment was explained well and showing me on the computer was very helpful. The overall reason for picking Ayers Basement Systems was the years in business and specialize in basement/crawlspaces.
Garcia of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
The installation crew was friendly and informative. The Project Manager was knowledgeable, friendly, answered and explained the job. The reason for choosing Ayers Basement Systems was the reputation and the type of material that they use.
Maki of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Ayers is one of the few companies to stand behind their product, take responsibility, and go above and behind, in my situation. My sump system was installed three years ago and had stuck in an on position. The representative for Ayers explained that it was an advanced system, and needed an extra drain and some attention. The representative spoke to Mr. Ayers, and in contacting me said the new drain would be added, the system cleaned and brought up to standards. All of this at no cost to me! That type of commitment is a "rare commodity" in today's business setting. I am very grateful to Mr. Ayers and company. I applaud your dedication to honesty and quality.
Barnard of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
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