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Typical basement floors are hard, cold concrete. Since concrete is porous, ground moisture continually makes its way through, contributing to the humidity in your basement. When traditional flooring materials like organic carpeting, chipboard, and wood are placed on a concrete basement floor, moisture collects between the flooring and the concrete floor.

Over time that moisture will be absorbed by the materials on top and lead to mold, rot, and musty odors. Other products (ceramic, stone, or marble tile) are grouted to the concrete and are difficult and expensive to repair or replace.

At Ayers Basement Systems, our basement flooring options are all made specifically for concrete basement floors. When installed in your home, our flooring options will never rot, decay or support mold growth. All of our flooring products are designed to easily interlock for quick installation without grout or adhesives. The interlocking flooring is ideal for basements since the flooring can be picked up and reinstalled if water gets underneath. Combined with our other basement products and our basement waterproofing system, it's a great way to upgrade your home!

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  • ThermalDry® Basement Subfloor Matting

    Subfloor matting

    ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting is perfect for homeowners who want to install wall-to-wall carpeting in their finished basement. By installing this underneath your carpeting as a subfloor, you protect it from moisture from the concrete below. This subfloor is made with completely inorganic material to ensure that it lasts longer and won't have any issues with mold growth should you have a leak in your basement.

    ThermalDry® subfloor matting is 100% waterproof, creating a vapor barrier on your floor. It also provides a thermal break that causes the surface of the floor to be 8-10°F warmer than the concrete floor. This product is compatible with tack strips and will outlast several cycles of carpet. ThermalDry® installs quickly and doesn't need grout or adhesives.

  • ThermalDry® Basement Floor Tiles

    Floor tiles
    Sandstone GraySandstone Gray Basement Floor Tile
    Canyon BeigeCanyon Beige Basement Floor Tile

    ThermalDry® basement floor tiles are engineered specifically for basement environments. Unlike ceramic basement floor tiles, ThermalDry® basement flooring will never crack or shatter. They are available in both Sandstone and Canyon Beige to allow you to find the right color choice for your home's design.

    ThermalDry® creates a thermal break from the surface of your concrete floor, making the floor temperature 8-10°F warmer. This flooring has no grout to clean, making it a very low-maintenance flooring option. Should it ever be damaged, ThermalDry® Floor Tiles are easy to repair or remove and replace.

  • ThermalDry® Carpet Basement Floor Tiles

    Carpet tiles
    MochaMocha Carpet Basement Floor Tile
    CharcoalCharcoal Carpet Basement Floor Tile

    ThermalDry® carpeted floor tiles are designed to keep your basement floor warm and dry. Unlike a long blanket of carpeting, damaged or worn tiles can easily be replaced. This carpet comes in Charcoal and Mocha colorings, which fit perfectly with nearly any color scheme and furniture.

    ThermalDry® carpeting is made from inorganic materials to provide a waterproof system that won't be damaged by mold, mildew, odors, or rot. The floor tiles provide a snug fit to the basement perimeter without needing to be glued or adhered to the floor. This system doesn't have any need for a subfloor, and if for some reason a tile is damaged or worn out, the individual tile can easily be replaced.

  • ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™

    Insulated floor decking

    ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™ is a unique basement subfloor that combines inorganic, waterproof flooring with insulation for exceptional warmth and water resistance. Like all our other flooring products, ThermalDry® Floor Decking is made from 100% inorganic material to prevent any issues with mold, mildew, rot, and warping due to water.

    This system comes with rigid foam insulation, providing an exceptionally warm and comfortable floor in the basement. The thin design also saves an inch of headroom compared to a traditional built-up wood subfloor, which can be very valuable in the basement. Though ThermalDry® Floor Decking is not considered a finished floor, it is easily compatible with all our floor finishing systems.

  • Pro Comfort Carpeting

    Basement carpeting

    Pro Comfort Carpeting is an innovative basement carpeting option that is made from completely inorganic materials to ensure a long lasting, waterproof solution. Unlike traditional carpet, which is easily damaged by water, mold, and mildew, Pro Comfort Carpeting is waterproof and will resist the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

    Pro Comfort Carpeting comes in a modular design that allows for individual squares to be easily replaced in case of spills, damage, or worn down areas. This carpet has a soft, comfortable feel that makes your basement floor much more enjoyable. When combined with our ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking, Pro Comfort can help raise your floor temperature as much as 17°F, making your basement more comfortable than ever before.

Before and After
  • Unsightly Dearborn, MI Basement Floor Gets Waterproofed Plank Makeover
    Unsightly Dearborn, MI Basement Floor Gets Waterproofed Plank Makeover

    Unsightly Dearborn, MI Basement Floor Gets Waterproofed Plank Makeover

    The Cruz family used their basement extensively to do laundry, watch sports and as a playroom. Their broken tile floor in the basement was not just an eyesore, but constantly allowed water in. The family decided to not just replace their floor with waterproofed elite plank in dark mocha. Our flooring is inorganic and waterproof, which means no more mold. 

  • Basement Upgraded with Waterproof Paneling and Flooring in Lansing
    Basement Upgraded with Waterproof Paneling and Flooring in Lansing

    Basement Upgraded with Waterproof Paneling and Flooring in Lansing

    Remodeling your basement can be a great way to transform a dark, gloomy space into an area you might actually want to so spend some time in. However, if your basement isn’t a stranger to water, it’s necessary that the products you install on your walls and floors can hold up if they come in contact with water in the future.

    These wise homeowners chose to upgrade their wood paneling to ZenWall paneling, which have a thick, encapsulated fiberglass core and a vapor barrier ton the back side which stops water vapor from coming in through the walls. The floors were then covered with ThermalDry, the only inorganic subflooring in the wolrd. The tiles sit on pegs, so water won't get trapped in the flooring, and in the case that there is a leak, it’s easy to dry the water under the tile without removing all of the flooring. ZenWall panels coupled with Thermal Dry make this basement bright, clean and dry.

  • Waterproofed Flooring Replaces Unsightly, Cold East Lansing, MI Basement Tiles
    Waterproofed Flooring Replaces Unsightly, Cold East Lansing, MI Basement Tiles

    Waterproofed Flooring Replaces Unsightly, Cold East Lansing, MI Basement Tiles

    Mark D's basement floor tiles was unsightly and cold. We installed our Thermal Elite Plank Flooring that mimjics hardwood flooring but they are waterproof!  

  • Installing New Flooring in Eaton Rapids, MI
    Installing New Flooring in Eaton Rapids, MI

    Installing New Flooring in Eaton Rapids, MI

    Basement floors are often made up of wood sub-floors. The problem with wood is if something were to start leaking in your basement, you’re in big trouble. They are easily ruined by water and are the perfect surface for mold growth.

    We installed our ThermalDry flooring system, a system made with the only plastic, all inorganic subfloor in the world. It won’t be ruined by water, vapor can’t pass through, and mold won’t grow on it. There are a variety of finishes to choose from so you don’t have to compromise style for functionality.

  • Waterproofed Flooring Transforms Marshall, MI
    Waterproofed Flooring Transforms Marshall, MI

    Waterproofed Flooring Transforms Marshall, MI

    The customer experienced basement flooding and we helped the family waterproof their semi-finished basement. We installed our complete WaterGuard perimeter drainage system and a TripleSafe sump pump. The family wanted to complete the process of finishing their newly waterproofed basement. They opted for our ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring system giving this family peace of mind that their nice flooring will not be ruined by water damage.

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