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Deterring Moisture Entry in Roseville, MI, Crawl Space

Michelle was concerned about the moisture and mold growth she found in her crawl space. She never liked the eye sore and knew it was time to act to prevent any structural damage beneath her home. She researched her options and called Ayers for help, so we sent a team of experts to evaluate the space and provide a solution. The crew suggested installing CleanSpace, an antimicrobial-lined vapor barrier, to eliminate moisture and reduce mold growth. CleanSpace is applied to the crawl space floor and walls without interruption to ensure complete encapsulation. Michelle is ecstatic about her clean crawl space!

Crawl Space Transformation for Jackson, MI Homeowner

Dexter and Deb wanted their crawl space encapsulated, so they contacted Ayers! Once an inspection was set up and conducted, the team at Ayers suggested installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting. Drainage matting lays under the CleanSpace and houses divots to create paths for water to flow and drain out.


CleanSpace utilizes a heavy-duty plastic liner, encapsulating the entire crawlspace and creating a vapor barrier! CleanSpace not only made Dexter and Debs's crawl space waterproof, but it also looks better and will help their home be more efficient!

CleanSpace Transforms Mason, MI Crawl Space

Brian and Gina were looking for a permanent waterproofing solution for their home. The couple decided to contact Ayers and set up a home inspection. The Ayers team concluded that water was leaking through areas in the foundation. The team suggested Drainage Matting and CleanSpace as they would eliminate their worries!


Drainage matting sits below the CleanSpace liner and houses dimples to funnel water to the sump pump. Additionally, CleanSpace utilizes a heavy-duty liner, providing a vapor barrier to keep water out! Brian and Gina were thrilled with the installation, as not only did the space look amazing, but now water will no longer be an issue!

CleanSpace Insulates Kalamazoo, MI Crawl Space

David and Marie's Kalamazoo, MI home was built in 1912 with a crawl space built in the 40s. The crawl space was filthy and made the floors freezing during the winter. Our crew came out for n inspection and determined that David and Marie would need us to install drainage matting and CleanSpace Wall System. 

Drainage matting is a liner for the crawl space that is placed underneath the CleanSpace plastic liner. If the crawlspace ever floods, the dimpled mat allows water to pass underneath to the drain and sump pump. 

CleanSpace Wall System is a moisture barrier that uses a thick plastic liner along basement and crawl space walls to keep them dry and last decades longer. It also has antibacterial properties that prevent mold and bacteria growth.  Damp air takes more energy to heat and cool. Cutting down on the moisture in the crawl space, in turn, will cut down on how much it costs to heat or cool the home. 

David and Marie were thrilled with Ayers and the work our crew did. They are so excited to be able to have warm and cozy feet in the winter, especially during this cold week. 

CleanSpace Covers & Seals Dirt Floors in Grand Rapids, MI Crawl Space

Tom and Sally had recently purchased a rental property and were looking to waterproof the basement. The couple previously had work done by Ayers and were thoroughly impressed, so they decided to call again! Ayers determined from an inspection that water was seeping through the foundation and draining incorrectly. Thus, the team suggested installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting. Tom and Sally were more than happy with the Install as not only did the basement look better, but it was, more importantly, waterproofed!

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