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Interior view of basement egress window

Beauty & function.A basement egress window allows more natural light and fresh air while providing safe emergency egress.

Building codes require that finished basement living areas have an emergency egress - an egress window large enough to allow safe exit out of the space in case of an emergency. A large window well with a step in it must also be used outside the egress window.

Here at Ayers Basement Systems, we are certified installers of egress window wells. In addition to providing a safe exit, our egress windows allow more natural light and fresh air into the basement to make the space feel larger and more inviting.

If you're planning on finishing your basement now or in the future, save yourself time and hassle by including egress window installation as part of your basement waterproofing project.

We are your certified egress window contractors in Lansing and Michigan. Call or click below to request your free estimate!

Before and After
  • New Egress Window in Jackson, MI
    New Egress Window in Jackson, MI

    Let's be real no one ever thinks they're house is going to catch fire, or flood, or have something tragic happen. BUT, it does happen all the time. An egress window is a great idea to have in your basement because it allows a second way out in case of an emergency. The building code now also requires that every new home have two exits. 

    We installed this egress window in this family's partially finished basement so they can have peace of mind that everyone is safe and can escape if needed.

  • Jackson, MI Home is up to Code with Egress Window
    Jackson, MI Home is up to Code with Egress Window

    Do you plan on spending more time in your basement, maybe making a bedroom  or playroom down there? Well, it's important that your house is up to code and safe with two exits in case of an emergency. The door is one exit and an egress window makes for the perfect second exit. We completely install the egress window/cover and do all the work for you. This will give you and your family peace of mind and helps with the resale value of your home if you ever want to sell it.

  • Larger Window for Safety and More Natural Light
    Larger Window for Safety and More Natural Light

    Jamie and her husband, Brian, have a son who will be moving into the room in their basement. The room is currently unfinished but they want to finish it once they replace the window with an Egress Window. The Egress has a larger size and the well has a ladder in it so it provides a safe exit in case of emergencies. The large window also allows more light into the room so it looks bigger and more welcoming.

  • Egress Window Modernizes Jackson, MI Basement
    Egress Window Modernizes Jackson, MI Basement

    When finishing your basement, especially if you're turning it into a bedroom or otherwise habitable living space (i.e. an apartment), it's important to be aware of building code. You must have a properly sized window, like the egress windows we install.

    While finishing their basement, our customer had us install a new egress to take the place of their small, outdated basement window. You'll have to look closely to even see it in the before picture. The difference is dramatic.

  • Egress Windows Brighten Pleasant Lake, MI Basement
    Egress Windows Brighten Pleasant Lake, MI Basement

    Egress windows are an integral part of a finished basement, particularly if you want to use the space as a bedroom or other living space. By having windows installed by a basement company, you can be sure that they are water-tight and code-compliant.

Why install egress windows?

Window Wells offer an attractive alternative to ugly basement windows window, while providing a safe, code-compliant basement egress. Click the arrows below to learn more about the features and benefits of our egress window wells.

  • One-piece, rigid construction

    One-piece window well design

    A commonly used well has been a plastic design of flat parts that snap together to form the walls and steps. A problem lies in its durability; its ability to hold back the heavy earth and water.

    Our Window wells are a one-piece, rigid construction that will not collapse from backfill or allow water to leak through the well walls. They're UV stable, rust and rot proof, and stand up to extreme temperatures.

  • Engineered for safety

    Build-in steps in basement egress well

    Our egress window wells meet the IRC Egress Code Requirements, providing you and your family with a direct escape from any of the inhabited rooms in your basement.

    In window wells that are deeper than 44 inches below ground level, the IRC Egress Code requires there to be steps or permanently affixed ladders to accommodate exiting the basement.

    Our egress window wells feature durable, built-in steps that make it easy for your family to escape from your basement in the event of an emergency. We also offer safety ladders for our Premier series window wells.

  • Durable window well covers

    Covered basement window well

    A polycarbonate safety cover keeps leaves and debris out while allowing natural sunlight and fresh outside air to enter your basement. While they are not intended for continual foot traffic, the 10mm fluted polycarbonate cover will hold up to 500 lbs. of weight and prevent family members from accidentally falling into the window well.

  • Beautiful stone texture

    Premier series window well

    Our window wells has duplicated the look of real stone so you don't have to look out of your new basement windows at a plastic-looking well. These egress window wells add curb appeal and a pleasing view from both inside and outside the house. An integral step allows easy exit (if ever needed).

Get a free quote for professional egress window installation

When you have an egress window well installed in your basement, you won't have to worry about rust or rotting. These egress windows are constructed to withstand UV rays, rain, and snow. With our professional installation and 5 year warranty, you will have peace of mind knowing your basement windows won't need replacing anytime soon.

Contact us to request an on-site consultation at no cost to you. Your basement expert will discuss all the product features and options and provide you with a free written estimate to install egress windows and any other basement waterproofing products you might need.

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