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Our waterproof basement wall products create a brighter, more beautiful space

Are you tired of looking at those ugly, damp, cold concrete basement walls? If so, it's time for an upgrade! All of our basement wall panel systems stop water vapor from coming through the walls and resist mold and mildew. The experts at Ayers Basement Systems can help you select the solution that's right for your needs.

Even if you're not planning on finishing your basement at this time, our wall panels can create a cleaner, brighter appearance while insulating and waterproofing your basement walls.

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  • ZenWall™ Insulated Wall Panels

    Insulated basement wall panels

    ZenWall™ insulated panels are the best way to make an unfinished basement look its best. These basement wall panels include a reflective backing, insulated core, and an attractive vinyl facing. The washable surface includes an off-white and beige pattern for timeless appeal.

    If you have damp basement walls, ZenWall™ can easily tie into your perimeter drain to direct water from the walls straight into your waterproofing system. If you have a finished basement, ZenWall™ is also a great way to dress up a utility room or storage area.

  • BrightWall® Basement Wall Panels

    Basement wall covering

    BrightWall® is a rigid plastic sheeting that's attached to your basement wall by drilled-in plastic fasteners. Its bright white color maximizes the available light in your basement, creating a cheerful, clean-looking space.

    BrightWall® is 100% waterproof and washable, and it creates a vapor barrier on your basement walls to block out water vapor and humidity. This ensures that you won't have to worry about mold growth or rot. Like our other wall products, it can direct water seepage into your perimeter drain.

  • ThermalDry® Wall Radiant Barrier

    Radiant barrier

    ThermalDry® Radiant Barrier creates a waterproof radiant heat barrier on your basement walls. Its reflective surface is designed to keep heat inside your basement where it belongs -- up to 97% of the heat that reaches it will be reflected back into your home.

    ThermalDry® Wall also serves as a vapor barrier on your basement walls. Water seepage passing through the porous concrete of your foundation walls will be directed into your perimeter drain and away from your finished space.

  • CleanSpace® Wall Vapor Barrier

    Vapor Barrier

    If you're interested in an easy way to upgrade your basement walls, there's nothing quite like the CleanSpace® Wall System. Like our other wall systems, it can hold back water vapor passing through your foundation walls, directing it to your sump pump. With anti-microbial protection called UltraFresh built right in, no mold or mildew will grow on the CleanSpace!

    If you have stone walls, an exposed ledge in your basement, or dirt floors, CleanSpace® is the perfect solution! With its 25-year warranty from rips or tears, you can be sure it's strong enough to do the job!

  • EverLast™ Finished Wall Restoration System

    Everlast Finished Basement wall restoration system

    If your basement has been finished with drywall, it could be seriously damaged during a flood. Once drywall is damaged by water, mold is not far behind. However, in many cases it's only the bottom of the walls that needs replacing.

    We can repair your damaged basement walls permanently with our Everlast™ Finished Wall Restoration System. This system works great with our other products, including our drainage system and basement flooring. These panels also add insulation to the basement, creating a warmer, more comfortable space. The washable surface looks great for years to come and includes a 50-year Warranty (contact us for full details). What could be better than that?

  • Basement To Beautiful™ Insulated Wall Panels

    Basement to Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels

    Our insulated basement wall product is a fantastic way to get your basement ready for your own custom wall paneling. Designed with our unique, advanced SilverGlo™ insulation, these walls meet and exceed building codes for insulation quality. SilverGlo™ is an innovative, closed-cell, graphite-infused insulation that's designed to be 24% more energy efficient than competing foam paneling. This gives it an industry-leading R-13 insulation -- one that will not rot or soak up water.

    The unique design of Basement To Beautiful™ panels separates the panels from your cold, concrete walls with metal studs, avoiding "cold spots" on your basement walls that would otherwise be caused by thermal convection.

Before and After
  • Stair Step Crack First Sign of Trouble in Plymouth, MI
    Stair Step Crack First Sign of Trouble in Plymouth, MI

    Stair Step Crack First Sign of Trouble in Plymouth, MI

    Bryant R had ongoing issues with his bowing basement walls and realised that he could no longer ignore the evident damage to his walls. You could see the stair step crack on the inside and outside of his home. These cracks follow the mortar lines in a block wall as pressure on the wall increases. Stair step cracks are particularly dangerous because they cover a wide area of the wall. Bryant's wall was well on its way to wall collapse without reparing this crack. 

    We used CarbonArmor® to stabilize Bryant's basement walls. CarbonArmor is a wall reinforcing system with straps made from a fiber-reinforced polymer that’s ten times stronger than steel. CarbonArmor® stablised this home's walls and will now protect those walls from future bowing.

  • BrightWall Installed in South Bend, IN
    BrightWall Installed in South Bend, IN

    BrightWall Installed in South Bend, IN

    BrightWall panels provide many benefits to a basement. The panels are inorganic and waterproof stopping any water vapor, mold or mildew growth, and any potential warping. Many homeowners take advantage of BrightWall as the panels can save your basement from serious water damage and it's a quick way to brighten up your basement giving it a more finished look. 

  • BrightWall Panels Close off Basement Leak in Saint Joseph, MI
    BrightWall Panels Close off Basement Leak in Saint Joseph, MI

    BrightWall Panels Close off Basement Leak in Saint Joseph, MI

    The soil on the opposite side of this basement wall had caused the pipe to buckle and opened up a slight gap for water to enter. When it rained or snow melted, the leaks would be at their worse. As you can see in the before photo, the water would run down below the pipe and stain the wall. It was also common for the water to puddle on the floor before the owners could do anything about it. All of that was solved with the BrightWall panels in the after photo. The crew cut the panel around the shape of the pipe and placed it over the wall to create a rigid moisture barrier that won’t allow water to pass through. Instead as water leaks through the gap, it will flow down the wall behind the panel and into a drainage well at the foot of the wall. You can even see in the after photo where the fresh concrete was poured after the drainage well was installed. The BrightWall system not only stopped the leak, it also improved the look of the wall at the same time. 

  • Wall Anchors Save Bowing Wall in Saint Joseph, MI
    Wall Anchors Save Bowing Wall in Saint Joseph, MI

    Wall Anchors Save Bowing Wall in Saint Joseph, MI

    The homeowners had a vertical stairstep crack going down one of their walls in the basement. As the wall bows more in the middle, the corners are held up by adjacent walls, creating the stair step cracking effect. This kind of crack is a typical sign that your wall is bowing, the problem is getting worse, and something needs to be done to fix it. 

    Our professional team knew that installing wall anchors were the best option for this wall. The wall anchors are installed by digging a small hole in the soil a few feet away from your foundation. A steel rod is drilled through a hole in your basement wall and is connected to the earth anchor that is seated deep in the hole. A low-profile wall plate, placed on the interior of your basement wall, is secured to the rod. The hole is then filled back up and sod is replaced. Once all the components of the wall anchor system are connected and tightened, your basement wall is permanently stabilized. The wall anchor system is a great product for fixing bowing and cracked walls because it allows for improvement and straightening of your wall over time! 

    The homeowner's wall is now well on its way to full repair!  

  • Granger, MI Basement with Unwanted Moisture
    Granger, MI Basement with Unwanted Moisture

    Granger, MI Basement with Unwanted Moisture

    We received a call from a customer in Granger, Indiana about his basement, he was experiencing wet walls so we gave him a free estimate and then decided to install WaterGuard technology among many things. The WaterGuard is the pipe that runs water underneath the floors. This system runs on top of the footing instead of alongside it. The WaterGuard has a big drain outlet to the sump. It also has a built in tiny gap between the floor and the wall so that it can drain any wall leaks.  This system is designed not to clog by having holes in case of debris clogging the pipe. The WaterGuard collects the water from drains in the basement.

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