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Before and After Pictures from South Bend
Installing PolyLevel to Prevent Sinking Concrete in South Bend, IN

Installing PolyLevel to Prevent Sinking Concrete in South Bend, IN

Before After
Installing PolyLevel to Prevent Sinking Concrete in South Bend, IN Installing PolyLevel to Prevent Sinking Concrete in South Bend, IN

Sandy’s slab foundation was cracking under her windows and kitchen. So she called our team and we installed PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a system designed to fix concrete slabs that have sunk and it uses a polyurethane foam that expands and has a high density in order to raise the concrete. The process is quite simple and is done by drilling small holes into the concrete and then inserting the foam into the holes. Also, the PolyLevel system is waterproof and long-lasting.

Triple Safe Sump Pump to The Rescue in South Bend, IN

Triple Safe Sump Pump to The Rescue in South Bend, IN

Before After
Triple Safe Sump Pump to The Rescue in South Bend, IN Triple Safe Sump Pump to The Rescue in South Bend, IN

A basement in South Bend, IN was in need of some waterproofing.  Heavy rains caused the home, built in 1942, to leak water in. The sump pump that was already there just couldn't handle the water.

Our professional team had the perfect solution.  In the before picture you see the original sump pump.  It wasn't doing the job that needed to be done for this basement.  In the after picture, we replaced the old, broken sump pump with one of our Triple Safe sump pumps.  The Triple Safe sump pump has three sump pumps in one. The first pump will do most of the pumping effectively. The second sump pump will be there in case the first one fails. The second pump is more powerful and has a separate discharge line to give you a boost in the rare cases you need it. The third pump is designed using batteries so it will be there for you if the power goes out. The Triple Safe sump pump is the best option because it adjusts automatically when needed and keeps your basement dry with triple protection! 



Egress Window Install for South Bend Home

Egress Window Install for South Bend Home

Before After
Egress Window Install for South Bend Home Egress Window Install for South Bend Home

Just because winter is gloomy and cold doesn’t mean your basement has to be too. Kristen and Connor noticed that their basement was becoming chilly as the cold weather quickly approached. We suggested replacing their old drafty window. Not only does it stop the harsh winter winds from sneaking in, but it’s also a great source of natural light!

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Ayers Basement Systems specializes in foundation and structural repair service. We have repaired and restored hundreds of foundations in South Bend and throughout Indiana. From foundation cracks, bowing walls, and buckling floors, we are experienced in solving all types of foundation problems.

Why homeowners choose us for foundation repair:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • 25-year warranty on foundation repair products
  • Proven structural repair methods and trained professionals
  • Financing options available (call for details)

If you're looking for a professional foundation repair contractor in South Bend, Ayers Basement Systems is your expert.

We have the experience, products, and technicians needed for repair work done right. Call us today at 1-844-262-2971 to schedule your free, no-obligation home inspection and cost estimate.

Foundation Crack Repair in South Bend

Some foundation cracks are cosmetic, while others could be a sign of a serious structural problem. Cracks in a foundation could be caused by normal settling or a foundation problem.

Some signs of a foundation problem include:

  • Doors that stick
  • Windows that are difficult to open or have cracks
  • Sloping or buckling floors
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Gaps between the wall and the ceiling
  • Large cracks in the exterior concrete
  • Water in the basement or crawl space

When the soil around your home expands and contracts, this puts pressure on the foundation walls and can cause bulging and cracks in poured concrete or block foundation walls.

Ayers Basement Systems can stabilize and straighten foundation walls and help prevent further cracking. We offer a wide range of patented foundation wall solutions for homes in South Bend, including steel anchors and carbon-fiber straps.

Crawl Space & Basement Foundation Repair in South Bend

The right foundation repair depends on your home's foundation. We will assess your situation and recommend the best foundation repair for your home. We are an experienced foundation repair company with the skills and equipment to fix basement foundations and crawl space foundations in South Bend. 

Foundation repair solutions we offer:

  • Steel push piers and helical piers
  • Adjustable crawl space beam and joist supports
  • Helical anchors and GeoLock wall anchors
  • Steel wall braces
  • Carbon-fiber wall straps
  • Underpinning

if you're looking for a free cost estimate on home foundation repair in South Bend, IN, call the structural repair experts at Ayers Basement Systems today. We're the trusted foundation repair contractor for hundreds of homeowners in the area. Let us help you restore your home's safety and your peace of mind today!

Case Studies From South Bend
Michael called us when he noticed a crack in the poured foundation wall of his basement. Because the basement was paritally finished and this crack...
Job Stories From South Bend, IN
Make Sure Your Home Smells as Good as it Looks

Nothing worse than having to hide not only unsightly repair work but also mask the smell of outside nature inside the home. For Chris, this was his reality till he called Ayers. Our foreman Evan Found slopping floors which caused exposing gaps in the crawlspace and was able to prescribe a list of treatments that Ayers specializes in to guarantee safe and clean basements.

The main treatment was a set of Helical Piers all placed on the parameter of the home. After raising the home off its base foundation, our team uses a hydraulic press that drives screw-shaped piers are driven deep in the ground. The piers are topped with concrete blocks to give the house a surface to rest on as the weight is evenly distributed amongst the piers.

Crawl Space Repair in South Bend, IN

Debra in South Bend, IN called us saying that moisture was starting to seep into her crawlspace through the walls. After going out for our free inspection, we noticed that there were a lot of cracks that had begun forming in the wall, and the bricks were beginning to shift inward. Luckily for Debra, we have multiple solutions for a situation like this. Debra decided to go with our SaniDry XP dehumidifier. The SaniDry XP Basement Air System is a powerful and effective dehumidifier that's designed to perform in extremely damp environments, like basements and crawlspaces. The SaniDry XP removes ten times the amount of water from the air as a typical dehumidifier, while using the same energy to run. The water drains from the unit automatically so there's no need to empty it like a conventional dehumidifier. An additional benefit to the SaniDry XP is that is has a built-in defrost system which is designed to operate down to 40F. Therefore, it will not freeze in basement and/or crawlspace conditions.


We also installed our CleanSpace liner in Debra’s crawlspace. This is a plastic liner that is designed to permanently keep away any moisture and air. It is placed completely over the walls and floor, creating a constant blockage to anything outside of it. Also, with anti-microbial protection called UltraFresh built right in, no mold or mildew will grow on the CleanSpace!


With the combination of the SaniDry XP and CleanSpace liner, moisture and mold stand no chance at getting into Debra’s basement and crawlspace.

Crawl Space Repair in South Bend, IN - Photo 1
South Bend, MI Home Keeps Unnecessary Water Away

Imagine a small boat is sinking, and one person in the boat is scooping out the water with a bucket however he is dumping the water right back in the boat... he isn't really helping, is he? Well, that is what you're doing with your basement when you don't lead the water from your basement far enough from the home. Luckily, at Ayers, we can fix that without having a long pipe run across your lawn. We can do this with the LawnScape Outlet. This is a water dispersion outlet that is connected to a pipe placed underneath the lawn to allow any water collected in the gutters to be dispersed away from the walls of the home. This LawnScape outlet is removable as well, this is to empty out any collected leaves or other debris that may be blocking water from exiting. This is a great discrete replacement for the rain chute that covers up part of the lawn. Also, the LawnScape Outlet won't be a tripping or mowing hazard. Now the water from your basement will not re-enter your basement.

South Bend, MI Home Keeps Unnecessary Water Away - Photo 1
TripleSafe Makes Water Disappear in South Bend, MI Basement

A customer from South Bend, Indiana had problems with water in their basement. They needed our help so they gave us a call. We drove to the house and decided to install a TripleSafe Sump Pump along with many other things. TripleSafe is a sump pump with three different pumps in one liner. The first being the 1/3 hp zoeller pump which does most of the pumping and is placed at the bottom of the liner. The second is the 1/2 hp zoeller that is placed slightly higher than the first. This pump is more powerful but will only be turned on when needed. The final pump is the battery-operated UltraSump DC which is used in case of a power outage, this pump can pump up to 24,000 gallons of water. Now this homeowner know that they will not have to worry about a wet basement ever again.

TripleSafe Makes Water Disappear in South Bend, MI Basement - Photo 1
Triple Safe, WaterGuard, SaniDry XP and BrightWall in South Bend, IN

Marka L. of South Bend, IN had an issue with leaking water in her basement after heavy rains.  The home was built in 1942 and it was starting to show.  

Our professional team had a solution for the water. We installed a Triple Safe sump pump to replace the existing one. The Triple Safe sump pump has three sump pumps in one. The first pump will do most of the pumping effectively. The second pump will be there in case the first one fails. And the third pump is designed using batteries so it will be there for you if the power goes out.

We also installed our WaterGuard system which is a long lasting interior perimeter basement waterproofing system. WaterGuard sits on top of the footing along the perimeter of your basement and drains the water that is leaking from up above. 

A SaniDry XP dehumidifier was also installed in the basement. The SaniDry XP is designed to keep the air dry and clean and reduces the risk of mold growth. This dehumidifier removes 10 times the amount of water from the air as compared to a typical dehumidifier while using the same energy to run. The water also drains from the unit automatically so there is no need to empty it like a typical dehumidifier. 

Lastly, our team installed BrightWall basement wall panels. BrightWall panels are designed to direct the leaking water down into the WaterGuard perimeter drain lines and then that water will be carried to the TripleSafe sump pump effectively waterproofing your basement! The BrightWall panels don't only waterproof your basement, they transform your damp ugly basement walls into bright, beautiful walls that never need painting or other maintenance!

After installing all of these waterproofing systems our team effectively turned this damp, ugly basement into a thing of beauty! 

Family in South Bend, IN Has Leaking Egress Windows

This family called because for over a year every time there was a heavy rain or the snow melted, the egress windows in the basement would leak. The standing water was causing a musty smell and they didn't want mold to start growing. They also told us they were only planning on living in the house for another 5 years so it was a good idea to start fixing things to increase the resale value. 

Our team of experts were able to install a new egress window that was properly sealed so that there wouldn't be anymore water making it inside. The new window can also help to keep the basement warmer in the winter and reduce energy costs.

Our Iconic Duo: The SuperSump and The TripleSafe

Kim P. of South Bend, IL has a home that was built in the 1920s out of block foundation. Over the years, water has started to get in through the cracks in the blocks, allowing for a wet basement floor, moisture in the air, and a musty odor. Thus, Kim gave us a call.

We remedied this issue by installing a favorite duo of ours: the SuperSump premier sump pump and the WaterGuard French drain system. The SuperSump is a sump pump specifically designed to keep your basement dry for long periods of time. Capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour, it is suitable for heavy water intrusion.

The WaterGuard drain rests beneath the basement floor but above the foundation footing, collecting water that seeps into the basement from the walls. Once this water is collected, it is redirected to the sump pump, the SuperSump, to be pumped up and out of the home.

FlexiSpan Saves Basement From Water Damage in South Bend, MI

Stacie A. of South Bend, IL had water leaking into her basement from small, hairline cracks in the foundation wall. Because of the damage that can be caused by water being in a basement, Stacie reached out to us.

Our solution? FlexiSpan polyurethane crack sealant. FlexiSpan -- like expected with its title -- is very flexible and will move with the natural shifting of the basement wall. This will ensure a waterproof seal that will out live the home itself!

FlexiSpan in South Bend, IN Home

Lan H. of South Bend, IN wanted to make sure her basement was water tight before she had it finished off and added a recreation room. This being said, she called us.

Finding small cracks in the walls, we decided the best waterproofing solution would be our FlexiSpan polyurethane sealant. FlexiSpan is 100% waterproof and is flexible enough to stretch with the natural movement of the foundation wall and keep being waterproof.

With this installment, Lan is ready to move on with her project! 

BrightWall Installation in South Bend, MI

Tisha M. of South Bend, IN has a home that was experiencing some water damage issues from a flood last summer. The home was built in the 1940's with cement block. There were cracks in the walls causing the basement to be flooded to the main floor. This said, Tisha gave us a call.

Our solution? BrightWall. BrightWall basement wall panels are white panels made of a rigid plastic that is completely waterproof and washable. These panels also provide a vapor barrier for the basement that blocks out water vapor and humidity. 

CleanSpace in South Bend, MI Crawl Space

Maria H. of South Bend, IN has a crawlspace that was experiencing moisture. The walls are cement block and the height of the crawlspace is 3 feet. The home was made in the early 1900's and has a dirt floor and it has a smelly musty odor. This said, Maria called us.

To remedy this issue, we installed one of our favorite products: the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic lining that completely seals off the crawl space from the surrounding elements. Water, dirt, moisture, and cold air do not stand a chance at getting in with this system. As a bonus, CleanSpace is made with anti-microbial properties that prevent mold growth.

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