Expect More

When you work at Ayers, we invest in YOU. We'll give you the tools, the training, and the support to become the best version of yourself, on the job and off.

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Our Vision

To Redefine Our Industry

Our Mission

To deliver a wow experience by always doing the right thing for our customers and employees

Our Values

Service. Honor. Integrity. Respect. Tenacity.

We Work Hard

In business since 1981, we've built our reputation on going the extra mile for our customers. Day after day, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done. It isn't always glamorous, but it's always rewarding. We also go the extra mile for our team. In fact, we believe in a world where employees are fulfilled by their work and go home to create happier families. Those happy families spread ripples of positivity in their communities, and we believe this ripple effect can change the world.


Welcome to Ayers

When you work at Ayers, you can expect more.

Rewards and Benefits

Paid Time Off

It takes energy and rest to be your best. Accumulate your time off and recharge on the beach - or wherever makes you happy!

One Team

With weekly multi-department meetings and regular all-company meetings, we foster open communication. Sharing knowledge and resources allows us to pursue our common vision and mission.


We believe our employees are our most valuable assets; we invest in training so you can seize every opportunity available.


We take care of our family, so you can take care of yours. Take comfort in knowing we offer a range of comprehensive benefit packages and a 401k plan with matching.

Casual Work Environment

Leave those corporate clothes behind, because here you will enjoy a smart casual workplace. Hello, jeans every day!

Meaningful Work

We are in the business of helping customers with their most valuable possession - their home - and every member of our team makes a large impact in our customers' lives.

More is Possible

Chris F

Everyone at Ayers holds themselves to a higher standard - we're all striving to be the best people in the best company in the contracting industry. If someone asked me if they should join our company, my response would be simple: Do it. If you fit our values and vision of what we're doing every day, you'll have a great future here.


Field Supervisor

Since I've started working at Ayers I've been able to start a family and buy a house; I feel like I've been given the tools to become the best kind of person that I can be, and a leader. If you want to work for a place that cares deeply about their employees and wants to see the best in every single person every day - that gives you the opportunity to live a happy life and feel fulfilled every day - work here.

Mike W

IT Manager

I like coming to work because I enjoy helping both customers and fellow employees. I came from a high-stress, isolated environment and it's a lot more relaxing here and there's more of a team effort to get things done. It's a really dynamic atmosphere and there's a lot of great opportunity for a career with room for growth.

Dan H

Field Supervisor

I like coming to work at Ayers because I find fulfillment in building relationships, solving problems, and satisfying our customers. For people thinking of coming to work here, I would tell them that Ayers has a great foundation and support system to help employees accomplish things they never have before.

Greg C

System Design Specialist

Ayers is a great place to work. Everybody is nice, everybody is welcoming - everybody wants to do the right thing and works together as a team. That's something that's different from every company I've worked with - everyone works together to make the customer experience better. Not all companies do that; that's what's cool about this place.


Concrete Leveling Specialist/Service Technician

This job is a constant learning experience; even after two years, there's still something new in each home every day. Even though we work a lot on our own, we're never really alone because we have access to so many resources throughout the company. Instead of feeling like you're just a number, you have a name - everyone cares about each other, and no matter how good or bad your week was, you'll always have support.


Concrete Leveling Specialist/Service Technician

I came to Ayers, and I stay with Ayers, because to me it all starts at the top. Management is doing everything right and it all trickles down; the company treats you well and everyone treats each other well. I do something I'm passionate about and I get support from everyone above me and everyone surrounding me.

Amanda S

Customer Care Coordinator

I like coming to work because I get to help people and learn new things every day. The environment is encouraging and uplifting while still maintaining that tough "get it done" attitude. Working at Ayers has given me an overall more positive attitude in the rest of my life. We're like a dysfunctional family that clicks together.

Josh M

Concrete Leveling Specialist/Service Technician

I'm really a customer focused person, so being able to see someone different every day and helping someone with a different problem every day gives me a lot of personal satisfaction and it keeps things exciting. The company focuses on making sure that everyone involved in the process is taken into consideration, be it the customers or employees; we want to make sure everyone is accommodated. You're well taken care of here and people actually care about you.

Matt W

System Design Specialist

I enjoy going to work every day because I have the potential to learn about and affect the lives of the people I meet with. The biggest difference between working at Ayers and my previous job is the culture; employees and customers are all equally important and valued. Ayers encourages a growth mindset and provides the support to learn and develop new skills, but it's up to you to put in the energy and have the determination to be successful.


System Design Specialist

At other companies, it was always about the bottom line - people were treated like they were as easy to replace as a pair of socks. Ayers invests in the people and the relationship. I have never felt like I would be left on an island if I was struggling. Ayers promotes a healthy work life integration; I used to miss so many family events and that simply doesn't happen anymore. I never have to miss a thing that my boys are doing and so much stress has been lifted from my shoulders. I've gotten back to the little things in life that bring me joy.

Our Culture

We Work Together

Whether you're in the office or out in the field, you're part of One Team. You're never far from an answer, a new idea, or a helping hand. Every person in every department is working toward the same goals, and no one gets left behind.