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Testimonials for Ayers Basement Systems

Thank you for a great job. It exceeded all of my expectations. My satisfaction with the work is due in large part to the project's foreman - Gage and his team. Gage exhibited the highest degree of technical expertise and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with him! Thank you.
Don B. of Gobles, MI
Tuesday, August 18th
I had a large crack on my basement wall that was causing water to leak in and cause unwanted moisture. Steve showed me that Ayers' FlexiSpan crack repair system would be the best solution to my problem. The job was lead by the foreman Chris, and finished within a day. I am happy with my purchase and am glad my water problem is no longer and issue. 
Nancy K. of Niles, MI
Monday, January 12th
We sought out three contractors and Ayers came in as the most knowledgeable and economical. With an excellent warranty offered and a good explanation of our problem we hired Ayers. They came sooner than expected and their crew described our basement and any issues that we might encounter as they began their work. Communication with this company is amazing, from sales to work crew. I expected the project to be more noisy and messy but the crew took precautions to keep our home dust free. In no time our repair was made, the paperwork and maintenance schedule was clearly and thoroughly reviewed and the crew left. The area clean up was excellent. I would highly recommend Ayers for any basement waterproofing.
Julie F. of Grand Rapids, MI
Friday, June 12th
I wanted to let you know what an amazing employee you have in Daniel A. My 86-year-old mother , Joyce Bidwell, had flooding in her lower living space. My father is ill and she is caring for him (a full time effort). She had been up every two hours for a week trying to contain the water. By the time Dan was able to meet with us, my mom was exhausted. Dan was early, professional and so respectful of my parents. He did all that he could to include my father (who is deaf) in the conversation. I was there and my mom and I asked a lot of questions. He answered them all and never rushed us. We watched the presentation and decided we would have Ayers do the work. All was going great until, my poor Mom heard it would be August before they could be placed on the schedule. She cried and was just so overwhelmed. Dan explained why and said if there were any cancellations he would see if she could get moved up. He let her know the odds weren’t good that it would happen. She was very sad but decided that she would still go ahead. Dan understood and offered to bring her sand bags to try and stem some of the water flow. Dan showed up early with huge sand bags. My father attempted to lift one but of course could not.  Dan told him not to worry and proceeded to carry them all in my himself. It is quite a distance and they were very heavy. Once he was done, he gave her the best news ever, the work could be done in June. I cannot thank Dan enough for all that he did. With all of the Covid-19 craziness, my parents had really had a rough couple months. He kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Beth Bidwell Johnson
Joyce B. of Rockford, MI
Friday, June 5th
My name is Richard M and I just retired as a Police Undersheriff for the State of Michigan. I was all signed up to go with [an Ayers competitor] and Carl showed up and asked that an inspection should be done as I went through Angies list. He came in and explained our issue. Instead of walking around like a CockRoach examiner he had clothes on so he could crawl, inpect and examine my problem. Wow! I have never seen anyone go beyond pointing a flashlight around and he was still not happy until everything was completely inspected.  I bet he spent close to a hour down there making sure everything was going to be right the first time.  In my years of police work I have never seen an actual inspection done as completely as what Carl did.  After he was done, his price was higher than [the Ayers competitor] and he thanked me for the opportunity to have a chance to quote on the job.   Later that afternoon he asked if he could talk to us again. He explained that he lived nearby and that our daughters went to school together. That made me feel a little more comfortable. When all was said and done he took the existing contract and sat at our table for around a half an hour and matched [the Ayers competitor's] price and I included a sump basin. We decided to go with Ayers because if they have people working with the same integrity as Carl, then I had a gut feeling that Ayers was the way to go. I called back [the Ayers competitor] and stopped payment on the check as they didn't recieve it yet and they said no problem that the check would be mailed back as it was not cashable anyway.   When everything was over, my family went down to the basement to start tearing out the wet carpet. Instead of going home after the deal, Carl came down and for more than an hour he helped tear up the carpet on his own time. I mean off-the-clock and helping. I couldn't believe it.  When he was done and he was no longer a worker, I wanted to give him some money and he would not take it as raising kids and a family is not cheap. No matter what we did, the money was not accepted. He said he works for Ayers and his loyalty is with them and just didn't feel right even though he was off work.   I hope and pray that Ayers have the same type of pride and excellent work ethic as Carl as we just could not afford to have this done again. Please tell Carl our hearts go out to him and to Ayers for exceeding everything I expected. My son is a State Senator and I told him the story and he was impressed. On behalf of the Miller family, thank you Ayers and a special thanks to Carl.   Richard T. Miller retired Undersheriff County of Clare Michigan State Police academy graduate
Richard M. of Farwell, MI
Tuesday, June 16th
Justin was terrific- he explained the process and made us feel comfortable. The crew was made up of such great guys! They worked hard and fast, were super nice, and Payton was super patient with all of our questions.
Chris and Cathy G. of Lake, MI
Monday, November 15th
My overall experience with Ayers was good. The salesman was very knowledgeable about what I needed done. I had timley communication with the staff continuously which kept my mind at ease. The crew did a great job with their professionalism and were quick and did good quality work. They worked well together which kept the job flowing nicely. I have had work done now multiple times and will keep going with Ayers whenever I feel the need for more work to be done. 
Kevin G. of Benton Harbor, MI
Wednesday, August 12th
Ayers cleaned out my crawl space, installed a sump pump, insulation, sealed crawl space and sprayed foam in rim joist area of unfinished basement. Initial visit for estimate went well. Steve was punctual and actually crawled back into the space, looked around and took pictures. He spent over two hours at the house discussing different options. One of the great things Ayers did in advance was they sent a booklet on crawl space work about a week prior to the appointment which was excellent and very informative. Gave me a chance to intelligently discuss the job. The actual day of the work I was a bit surprised at the two young guys that showed up. However, they were very productive and professional in their approach to work. They answered any and all questions I had. The crew did a great job cleaning up after the job and did all that was required. We actually spent time going over the work they were to perform so we were all on the same page. Overall, excellent work and I would recommend them for work and pricing to anyone.
Michael F. of Stevensville, MI
Wednesday, December 3rd
We want you to know what remarkable employees you have. I went to the computer looking for someone to help us decide what we could do for our basement. We had two issues, which were damp spots with water and crumbling walls.   Your company was the first one that I seen. I answered the questions and submitted my answers. Within 10 minutes my phone rang and the lady who called was very helpful and set up an appointment for us. We had to cancel our appointment and set it for another date because of a family emergency. Not only did Dennis James call to confirm our appointment but he was even concerned for our family. Dennis was extremely thorough. He showed us all the different things to choose from. As we walked through our basement, we told him what we wanted and our concerns about what we could afford. When he left, I said to my husband “we cannot afford to do this this year or maybe ever.” So when Dennis said he would come back with a plan, I said that we would listen but I knew that we couldn’t afford to do anything this year. Wow! I was wrong. He had listened to everything that we said and helped us figure out what needed to be done and had came up with a plan with his boss. Before I knew it, we were signing papers. He is a very good salesman. Now to tell you that as a woman, I expected a mess. I was prepared, but I cannot begin to explain how impressed I was with Ron and his team! They are three of the hardest-working men that I’ve seen in many years.  They worked great as a team and what I thought was unrealistic time to be done, they completed everything and all the clean up that they did was so good that I didn’t have to do anything. They were very professional and polite. As a former manager I always loved to hear how good my employees were and wanted to let you know that you have the best. Sincerely, Sally
Sally C. of Alphena, MI
Friday, March 18th
Testimonial Photo by Michael J.
We hope you know what a marvelous crew Dan, Sheldon and Casey are. We put our home in their hands for five days. They took care to return it to us in marvelous shape and with a wonderful clean space installation. They all went out of their way to make sure we were informed all though the work and gave us a full explanation and tour of the finished product. We could not be more pleased with their work. They even cleaned up after themselves. They left our home in the same condition we would have ourselves. Their attitudes were consistently upbeat and positive throughout the week. They dealt with any issues by coming up with innovative and well thought out solutions. The weather was changeable and terrible during the week, but none of them allowed that to stop their excellent progress and marvelous finished product. Again, we are hopeful that you know what an excellent crew these three men are. We are glad you sent them to do our work. We are pleased that we received just what we were told by Dennis James. Our experience overall with your company has been excellent. Thank you.
Michael J. of Alpena, MI
Monday, January 15th
I have used Ayers before and have been very satisfied with Ayers work and helpful staff.  Today Gage Pederson, Aaron Morgan, and Matt Thompson were wonderful. Thank you.
Peggy B. of Roscommon, MI
Thursday, May 23rd
There was clear communication overall. The call representative was timely. Jen is great! Gabe was respectful and helpful. The crew also sings well to country music! :)
Roxanne and Matthew S. of Grand Haven, MI
Tuesday, August 10th
We had Ayers fix our wet basement. They had to come back more than once due to many cracks in the floor where water was coming in, which were caused by an explosion from a chemical plant nearby years ago. When they gave us the first estimate the cracks weren't visible due to too much stuff stored down there. Two of my neighbors had used the company and have been satisfied. In this area in Michigan the water table is very high due to excessive amounts of rain. I had been fighting the problem with two sump pumps and was tired of it. After the last visit, it is finally dry! We had them put in two of their pumps on both ends of the basement, which have done a great job of pumping out the water. The installers have been prompt and courteous. They would call us before showing up and that would give us time to prepare for the day as we have dogs to let outside. Another of our neighbors used another service and the pump system they use is definitely not like ours. They paid that company more money and didn't get as good of a pump. They still have water. We are glad we chose them to fix this problem!
Vicky A. of Muskegon, MI
Thursday, July 9th
The week of September 8th, your crew arrived to begin clean up and install our crawl space. Day one, it was pouring down rain but this didn't stop them from working. The crew was led by Mike, and working right along side was Josh and Cody. We are SO impressed by these young men. They are hardwokring which is something we have not seen in a very long time. They are a real asset to Ayers Basement System and represent the company well!  All of them were respectful of each other and worked great as a team. Everyone knew what needed to be done to complete the job and did not hesitate to do the next step in the project, i.e. hauling stone, digging in the dirt, taping, picking up trash, etc. If we had any questions regarding what they were installing and/or how something worked, they stopped to answer everything. All three were extremely coureous, polite, and very well mannered not only to each other but also to us.  The guys arrived early and always called first to let us know they were on their way. Even though they put in a long day, they always cleaned up and picked up their materials and work area before leaving.  In all of our years of home owner projects, we have never been this impressed and pleased with a construction crew. We are very pleased with our new crawlspace and will recommend your company to all friends and family. 
Wayne & Noreen I. of Millersburg, MI
Tuesday, September 8th
Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how appreciative I am for you to send your service technician to my house on such short notice.I know how busy your company is and this quick response was just fantastic.I also want to tell you how great the service technician was that came to my house and fixed my sump pump problem. His name is Carl C.Carl was on time and took the time to listen to my concerns and answered all my questions.  Carl made me feel ok with all my questions, not once did he seem put out with those questions.As I watched Carl fix my problem, I felt extremely comfortable that it was getting done professionally and correctly.I also want to mentioned that I feel the same about another one of your technicians (Mike S) who has been out to my house on several occasions to perform maintenance.Mike is also very knowledgeable and always takes the time to listen and respond to my questions.You are fortunate to have such great employees representing your company.ThanksDoug D.  A very satisfied customer
Doug D. of Mancelona, MI
Thursday, June 4th
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