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Ayers Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Vent Covers Help Turn a Crawl Space into a CleanSpace in Cement City, MI

A crawl space moisture problem called us out to this Cement City, MI home. The owner thought there might be moisture in the crawl space, but he wasn’t sure. He did know that he wanted to waterproof the entire area and his basement, too. After completing the waterproofing, the team installed 3 vent covers for the new crawl space. The benefit of a cover is that things are kept out. Critters, moisture and air, hot or cold, can enter through an open vent at any time. Our vent covers create an airtight seal that will keep this newly encapsulated crawl space clean and protected.

CarbonArmor Strips Repair a Garage Wall in Grass Lake, MI

A crack in the garage foundation was the reason behind the call from these Grass Lake, MI customers. The before photo shows the crack running vertically down the garage from the outside, but the damage of the spreading foundation wall could be seen on to the inside of the garage as well. Having already used our services for foundation repairs in the past, they knew they could trust us for this job as well.

To seal these cracks permanently, the crew used our CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcement system. Based on the innovative technology of aerospace engineers that is now used to support bridges, skyscrapers, and bomb shelters, CarbonArmor strips are a fast repair product that offers both a permanent solution and peace of mind. Once the soil was excavated, the wall cleaned and a high strength epoxy resin applied, the strips were placed over the crack to pull the wall together and keep it that way. After giving the strips time to dry, the crew replaced the soil that missing in the after photo and assured these customers that their damaged foundation problems were over for good.

Crawl Space With Moisture, Termite Damage Encapsulated In Grass Lake, MI

This crawl space had suffered some minor termite damage in the past and signs of some moisture in the crawl space were evident. We were able to help remedy the issues under this home by sistering some joists to ensure the strength of the structure. We also encapsulated the crawl space using our durable CleanSpace material. This material covers the ground and is carried up the walls and around piers to create an effective moisture barrier. We also installed SilverGlo insulation on the wall to reflect heat back into the crawl space during the cold months and increase energy efficiency. Lastly, we spray foamed the rim joists which are a common entry point for humid air. This helps to create a cleaner, dryer, brighter, and healthier space under the home. 

Grass Lake, MI Walkway is Crumbling

One of our customers from Grass Lake called us about his walkway that was experiencing sagging and cracking. We gave him our professional help so that this would no longer be an issue. We installed PolyLevel which is an advanced polymer injection foam that we blast into the concrete which raises it level and makes it stronger than ever before. PolyLevel worked to raise and level out the concrete slabs while dealing with the weak soils below that were no longer able to hold the weight of the home above. We drilled multiple small holes into the concrete slabs in order to inject them with a polymer material that expanded to lift and level out the concrete. Once injected, the system only needed about 15 minutes to fully cure and the slabs were then stabilized and lifted to their proper level, and stronger than ever before. Now, this homeowner will not have to worry about this ever again.

CleanSpace Installed in Grass Lake, MI Crawl Space

This home was built in 1920, so the crawl space was not exactly an ideal one.  There was also evidence of a termite infestation, and mold was growing in multiple spots. Needless to say, this crawl space was due for a major upgrade. Luckily for this Grass Lake, MI home, we have the perfect solution: our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Encapsulation system.

CleanSpace is a plastic liner that is designed to permanently keep away any moisture, air, or pests. It is placed completely over the walls and floor, creating a constant blockage to anything outside of it. Thanks to CleanSpace, this homeowner can say goodbye to pest and mold problems.

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