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Egress Window Makes Detroit, MI Basement Safer for Kids

Dechelle's home needed an upgraded Egress Window to ensure her family's safety. She had a playroom downstairs for the kids and wanted to replace the small Egress she had installed previously with another company. She called Ayers for the job and the installation process began. Our Egress Window is much larger than the average basement window which allows for more natural light to enter and makes emergency exits quicker and easier. As the kids get older, the small Egress they had would no longer work for the family. Replacing this with our Egress Window was a wise move. The window is waterproof and comes with an exterior well with a step in it. Dechelle's basement is now more welcoming and safe for her family!

Waterproofing Systems Eliminate Small Puddles During Heavy Rains in Detroit, MI Basement

Nicole was sick of dealing with the puddles of water forming in her basement after heavy rains. She trusted Ayers with our waterproofing expertise, so she decided to contact us. Our experts determined from a free inspection that our WaterGuard System and TripleSafe Sump Pump System would tackle these leaks. The WaterGuard System is laid on the foundation's footing in the subfloor of the basement and along the perimeter. This drainage system collects water leaking through the walls and sends it to the sump pump. Concrete will conceal the system to ensure it blends with the space. We installed TripleSafe as the new sump pump system. This is a three-pump system that works together to keep water under control and off the floor. This sump pump includes a battery-operated pump that will turn on when the power fails. Nicole was ecstatic with this permanent solution that keeps water off her floor!

Replacing Standard Basement Window for Lincoln Park, MI, Homeowner

Linda was looking into an egress window to replace her smaller standard window. After calling Ayers, we recommended an egress window. This replacement will make her basement brighter and safer. This space will have more fresh air circulation, and the larger opening allows for a safe exit in emergencies. Linda's new window has an exterior well attached and is waterproof, so there will be no need to stress about leaks during heavy rainfalls!

EverLast Door Installation in Roseville, MI, Crawl Space

Mary worried moisture entering her crawl space could cause mold growth and structural damage to her home, so she called Ayers to learn about our waterproofing solutions. Our specialists stopped by her house and suggested installing EverLast doors. Crawl space doors are typically made with plywood that's not fit to prevent moisture. The EverLast door is strong, plastic, and won't crack, warp, or shrink over time. Mary is happy she called Ayers and got the job done quickly!

Utilizing FlexiSpan to Seal Minor Basement Wall Cracks in Allen Park, MI

Bridget was concerned about her basement wall that leaked water through small cracks. She determined Ayers had the proper waterproofing solutions, so she called us. Our system design specialists determined from an inspection that FlexiSpan would resolve this issue. First, the team sealed the minor slits with a flexible sealant. Then, they applied the FlexiSpan layer over the wall. We even add a subfloor dry well below to collect water if it permeates through the wall again. Bridget is ecstatic with the quick work and professionalism displayed by our team at Ayers!

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