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Supporting Floors and Encapsulating a Crawl Space

This Grass Lake home had a musty smell coming from the crawl space and the owner has respiratory issues making her worry that there was mold in her home. When we had our initial inspection, we found that the main beam in the crawl space was rotted and broken. To support the floors, we installed a supplemental beam and SmartJacks. We then installed the CleanSpace Liner to encapsulate the crawl space and keep it clean. Lastly, we used the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to keep the space dry and to filter mold spores and other particles. 



Supporting a Bowed Wall in Clarklake MI

These Clarklake homeowners have had a crack in the basement walls since the home was built and the soil was backfilled. It has bothered them ever since but now they thing the crack is slowly getting worse and wanted a solution. We used GeoLock Wall Anchors to halt further movement of the walls. There is minimal disruption to the yard and the anchors do not take up usable space in the basement!


30 Years of Bowing to Standing Tall in Clarklake, MI

William’s wall withstood 30 years of bowing and finally started cracking pretty significantly. There were no signs of intruding water yet however it was sure to follow after the crack got deeper and wider. William called our team and we came out and installed GeoLock Wall Anchors. The Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System repairs walls that are sliding inwards, bowing, or buckling. A wall anchor will be installed inside your home and extend outward towards stable, hard-packed soil around your home to anchor it in place. This prevents any further movement permanently and is installed with minimal disruption to your home or your lawn. We can even conceal the anchors with our Hide-A-Way covers for a more finished appearance. Now William's wall will return to standing tall and strong like the day he built the house and intruding water won't be a concern.

Camden, MI Bowed Walls Secured with PowerBrace System

It’s clear to see in the first image that something’s just not right with these walls...they’re bowing! Bowed walls are often the result of hydrostatic pressure. As water saturates the backfill soil surrounding the foundation, the water exerts pressure on the foundation walls. Installing the PowerBrace system in this home was the best solution for combating the hydrostatic pressure and straightening these walls over time. 12 corrosion-resistant, zinc beams were carefully reinforced to the floor joists to distribute the load evenly preventing damage to the floor system above it. These beams can be tightened over time to continue to stabilize the walls, putting them back in their place.

Using CleanSpace to Encapsulate Crawl Spaces in Camden, MI

Thomas and Becky called our team because of their damp crawl space. In order to prevent water intrusion, we installed CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a plastic sheet material used as a vapor barrier to restrict all moisture, outside air, and pests from entering your crawl space. This system creates an energy-efficient crawl space, and it also gives your crawl space a clean finish.

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