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GeoLock Wall Anchors Close Cracks in Marine City, MI, Basement

Carol realized there were deep cracks in her basement walls and didn't want them caving in. She called Ayers and we sent a team of experts to her home to examine the issue. They recommended the Supportworks GeoLock Wall Anchor System. These are heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors designed to be placed in solid, undisturbed soil. The steel rod connecting the ground anchor to the wall anchor provides clamping pressure to stabilize the wall. Carol loves the look of her new basement wall!

Helical Piers Stabilize 30 Years of Cracking in Riverview, MI, Foundation

Jill's old foundation slab had been cracking over the past 30 years, causing it to pull away from her home. She decided it was time to call for professional help, so she chose Ayers. Our team inspected the problem area and concluded our helical piers were the perfect solution. This system consists of steel and includes a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier. These piers are installed within the soil mechanically to the appropriate depth required. The pier system creates a solid support base that transfers the weight of her home to strong supporting soils below. Jill was relieved after receiving proper foundation stabilization!

Helical Piers Help Stabilize Cracking Foundation in Saint Clair Shores, MI Home

We answered a call from Candase, a worried homeowner who was unsure what to do about her failing foundation support. We reassured her that after our experts inspected her home, we would be able to solve these issues with one of our foundation repair systems. Our System Design Specialists determined Helical Piers would work best for her particular situation. This system consists of helical plates welded to the pier shaft and will help to pull the pier into the soil during installation. This provides anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier. This solution is very versatile when it comes to stabilizing and restoring foundations. This solution will prevent any further foundation settling and in many cases, it can lift the home back to a level position. Candase will no longer have to stress over her foundation support!

Geo-Lock Wall Anchors Save Mount Clemens, MI Retaining Wall

Marilynn noticed that her retaining wall was deteriorating, and large cracks had formed. These issues worried her, and she contacted us at Ayers Basement Systems to find a solution. An Inspection of the area determined that Geo-Lock Wall Anchors would be perfect for the situation. Geo-Lock Wall Anchors Utilize load-bearing plates and steel rods to create a pulling force against the wall. Once the system was set, the team was able to tighten the system and permanently stabilize Marilynn's retaining wall!                                     

Helical Piers Provides Support to Failing Foundation in Macomb, MI

Tony was dealing with a foundation that was settling and was unsure how to fix this serious issue himself, so he called Ayers. We sent a crew for an inspection and determined our Helical Piers would work perfectly. This solution consists of steel and a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier. They are mechanically advanced into the soil with our professional equipment. When installed to the appropriate depth and capacity, they will put an end to these foundation issues. These piers may even be able to lift the home back to a level position. This pier system creates a solid supporting base that transfers the weight of the home downwards to strong supporting soils. Tony was relieved to receive a safe, trustworthy solution for his home!

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