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Testimonials for Ayers Basement Systems

For twenty years, Mr. and Mrs. S. dealt with extremely high humidity levels in their Hillsdale, MI home. The problem was so severe that during the wintertime, they would notice condensation all over the windows which they had to constantly wipe off, and even leave towels near the windows to collect dripping water. Mr. S. suspected that their crawl space could be the cause of their woes, but never did any research on the subject. He also felt that crawling into that space to inspect and properly fix it was too big a job for him to tackle on his own. One day he finally decided to get an estimate and see how much it would cost to get his crawl space fixed, and as a savvy homeowner, he did his homework first, searching online for a solution. When he came across Ayers Basement Systems' website, he didn't need to research any other company doing similar work. The more he read about the company's crawl space encapsulation solution, the more confident he felt that this was the right solution for his home. "I didn't want the cheap job. I wanted the good job." -- he explains. Mrs S. was extremely impressed with the production crew from the minute they arrived at her house and introduced themselves. "We had other companies come in and do various works around our home, but this is the first time I had a company -- when they started to work -- to introduce themselves individually. She was also very pleased with the professionalism and cleanliness of the entire crew, who cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day. As for the results, the S. were also very pleased. According to Mr. S., the humidity level in the entire house dropped significantly. They would gladly recommend Ayers Basement Systems to anyone having crawl space problems.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. of Hillsdale, MI
Friday, February 28th
Ayers Basement Systems had previously fixed the basement of two close family members. That is why, when it came the time to fix the crawl space of his new home, Pat S, knew exactly which company he wanted to hire for the job! And he couldn't be happier with the results!
Pat S. of Orleans, MI
Monday, November 3rd
John Conrad was very knowledgeable about the situation. Matt Houghtaling and his crew went above expected service! They were fantastic, respectful of property and really knew what they were doing. Matt updated me of changes and totally advised me of the the situation. I cannot express how grateful I am for your expertise and courteous service. I greatly appreciate the service of Matt and his crew. I will recommend them! 
Barb G. of West Bloomfield, MI
Wednesday, October 12th
The installation crew was friendly, efficient, neat, concerned about our situation. Project Manager was knowledgeable about our needs and his products.
Hammond of Jackson, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Ken was very informative. We read the book that was sent to me which helped me ask the right questions. The crew that did the install in our home were great and very polite! They informed of us everything they were doing every step of the way.  We chose Ayers because out of 3 estimates, Ken was the only one who actually took the time to look and  explain in depth what was needed. He answered all of my questions and we knew we were in good hands by the way he spoke with such knowledge and such confidence that the uneasiness of having the work done had left. The book that was sent to me was awesome! I read the entire book front to back! It helped me with my other estimates. I knew what questions to ask and what the answers should be concerning. I was thankful for it!  Ayers transformed my crawlspace from an unpleasant environment to completely finished with their CleanSpace product. My floors are warmer, the earth smell is gone and my home is cleaner with less dust. I have a fear of rodents, snakes or any other animal getting down in my crawlspace. We are very happy that Ayers is there to help with these things. The value of our home will even go up!  Thank you Ayers!!! Sincerely, Your happiest customer
Jessie D. of Jackson, MI
Tuesday, December 29th
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help regarding the decision to clean up my crawl space. The results are amazing. The crawl space looks, and smells great. The air is fresh and humidity is gone. After reading the Book "CrawlSpace Science" , we came away with information you never even think about. The dehumidifier and sump pump are working fine. As a customer, I am very satisfied that all my questions were answered in a timely manner, and my requests regarding unforeseen issues were granted without question. I will gladly recommend Ayers Basement Systems to all potential customers. Other residents on the bay will be told about this system. Our home in Northern Michigan means a lot to my wife and myself. The potential damage to the foundation could have been very costly.
Paul J. of Northern Michigan, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
The installation crew was very Professional and Courteous! Excellent Clean up! I would like to thank Jim, Vic, Derek, and Ryon for their help. This entire experience has been positive. The guy's work ethic and quality of work was very impressive. Major Thanks from me and my Family!
Robert of Rives Junction, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Dear Mr. Ayers, I would like to highly commend David and his crew helper. They were at my house on Wednesday (April 22, 2015), to complete the work left on my crawl space project. They were good natured and hard working. You can be proud to have them represent your company in work ethics and quality of work performed.
JoAnne H. of Eaton Rapids, MI
Wednesday, April 22nd
I would like to commend the employees of Ayers who were involved in the extensive basement/crawl space project at The Jean Bradford Kline Senior Center. Our building is old, and it was well past the time to address water issues when we first contacted Greg Carey. He put together an excellent presentation to show our Board of Directors and members to help them understand what we would need to do to fix our multiple water problems. Dillon Birchmeier and his crew did an excellent job, worked quickly and efficiently, and were very porfessional. They took time to explain to members who asked just what they were doing, which we appreciated. They were professional and personable. Greg stopped by over the course of the project to answer questions that I had,and keep abreast of the progress. We are still waiting on the concrete raising, but understand that weather has been a factor in delaying that part of our repairs. I hope we do not need the services of Ayers again, but I would not hesitate to reccomend your company. Sincerly, Rita Honeysett, Director  
Eaton Rapids S. of Eaton Rapids, MI
Monday, July 1st
We were refered to Ayers Basement Systems by Lennys Carpet . We had heard the name from friends and relatives but never needed to use them until now. The Project Manager was great, the work performed was very satisfactory and the crew was hard workig, thoughtful and communicatred well.
Jim of Laingsburg, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
The installation crew and Project Manager were professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. The problem and plan of treatment was explained well and showing me on the computer was very helpful. The overall reason for picking Ayers Basement Systems was the years in business and specialize in basement/crawlspaces.
Garcia of Lansing, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Dear Mr. Ayers, Finally, I have my crawl space flooding problem solved, thank you Ayers basement Systems. Well, that is if during the next healthy rain the crawl space doesn't flood. Tom Bronson visited me after I contacted your company and I do want to tell you, Tom did an outstanding job of inspecting my crawl space and recommending a solution. He communicated prior to his visit (one of my top priorities in selecting a company) and after the job was completed. He was competent, knowledgeable, and did a great job of explaining what was to be done and how and of course the cost. I was completely satisfied in his presentation.  The job was scheduled for around the 19th of January, however, it was moved up to the 29th of December. I was contacted by your Service Department, communication, I love it! Nathaniel Monear, foreman and his team arrived after Nate had called, great! They took the better part of two days to accomplish the task of water proofing my crawl space. A great job, no doubt about it. Nate is extremely competent, efficient, and courteous and wasted no time in completing a daunting task. You have a top-rated professional in Nate. He knows his job and performs it with perfection. I am totally satisfied with the work the team did. He made sure that I was satisfied with the cleanup process prior to their leaving and I was. No question about it, a job extremely well done. Tom Bronson made a follow-up call to check on my satisfaction with the job. Thank you, Sincerely Bob B.
Bob B. of Harrison, MI
Thursday, January 22nd
Everyone from Ayers Basement Systems with whom I came in contact with was very professional. I have felt very confident that my job would be well done and IT WAS!!!!. I have seen Ayers Basement Systems ads on television, on billboards, and in the yellow pages. The Project Manager was friendly and informative and did an excellent job. The two-man crew was courteous and friendly and they worked hard. They worked well together and knew what they were doing. There was no guess work..
Gerry of St. Johns, MI
Wednesday, April 23rd
I am very satisfied with my job; the crew was top notch. They worked fast and really knew what they were doing. We chose Ayers Basement Systems due to a good reputation for quality work.
Barry of Vermontville, MI
Tuesday, June 6th
Despite a lower price offered from a competitor, I felt more comfortable with the information Steve provided, coupled with the company rating and quality of products offered. The communication from sales, administration and operations was excellent. The new sump pumps are very quiet & no longer hear them turning on/off. We are now able to utilize the crawl area space for storage, as the encapsulated space is clean and neat. Thank you for a job well done!
Barry T. of Vicksburg, MI
Monday, January 15th
Tom and Mike, the work was finally able to start and complete last Thursday and Friday, September 25 and 26, after a number of months of review and back and forth. I would like to thank you both for your work in putting the plan and project together. The completed space looks outstanding. I would like to tell you about the folks who did the work, if you remember the space was tight, wet and a large amount of trash. Terry and Ryan spent the first day underground and did a fantastic job cleaning and prepping the space for the ultimate installation of insulation, CleanSpace and SaniDry. They stayed late to complete this clean up and in my eyes deserve accommodation for a JOB WELL DONE! Come Friday, Terry and Ryan returned along with Cesar and Juan. These four guys worked about 13 hours each to complete the job. I found these four individuals to be extremely courteous, hardworking and extremely willing to go above and beyond to make me satisfied and complete the job with the highest quality. This is the third job Ayers Basement Systems has done for our family, my brother and mother had work done previously and because of the quality see on those repairs made me to only choose Ayers for this repair. And I was not disappointed by the workmanship or quality people these four young men were. I have no hesitation in recommending Ayers Basement Systems to anyone. Again, Terry, Ryan, Cesar and Juan are outstanding young men and hard workers who provide quality service. You should be proud to have these men on your Ayers team.
Pat S. of Orleans, MI
Tuesday, September 30th
Thank you for a great job. It exceeded all of my expectations. My satisfaction with the work is due in large part to the project's foreman - Gage - and his team. Gage exhibited the highest degree of technical expertise and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with him! Thank you.
Don B. of Gobles, MI
Wednesday, December 19th
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