Work Requests in Zeeland

Ayers Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Zeeland. Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems's recent work requests in Zeeland and nearby areas!

Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Zeeland, MI
Vicinity of N Elm St in Zeeland
We have a basement wall buckling.
Vicinity of Wood Ridge Dr. in Zeeland
We found a leak in our finished basement this week after all of the snow melted and rain saturated the ground. We would like an estimate on a fix.
Vicinity of Barry Street in Zeeland
Hi! I have a six year old home and I'm noticing more (or maybe just more vigilant) of cracks in the drywall (along edges - in basement and main floor) and where ceiling and walls meet in the main vaulted ceiling. It's a bi-level home, with a finished basement. I'm hoping it is just settling but feel like I should have it checked out earlier, than later. Thank you! Jocelyn
Vicinity of Delwood Avenue SW in Zeeland
The home Inspector noted evidence of previous water damage in the basement. The driveway slopes towards the home. The sellers have completely finished the basement, so the inspector was unable to see if there is any active leaking. Rain gutters have been added since. My buyers would like an estimate and recommendation from you please. Thank you!
Vicinity of Central Ave SW in Zeeland
I am a local real estate agent representing a buyer. They had their home inspection done and the inspector recommended having the basement waterproofed. We are wondering the general cost of that. The basement is 1/2 finished and is about 950 square feet total. Cinderblock walls - house was built in 1941.
Vicinity of S Park in Zeeland
I'm buying this house to flip and need the basement dry.
Vicinity of Main Ave in Zeeland
We have a crawl space below our mudroom. The main entry door gets stuck on the frame and it is obvious the wall is sinking in the middle. Need to have someone come and asses the problem and provide an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Wind Ridge Ct in Zeeland
Crack in the basement wall - leaking sump pump pipe came loose, husband taped it up to stop leak
Vicinity of Huizenga Ave. in Zeeland
I need an egress window
Vicinity of Quincy Street in Zeeland
Our home was built around 1900 and we have a crawl space area under living room that we would are looking into getting insulated or to seal out elements better as we have musty smells in house
Vicinity of Sunset Lane in Zeeland
The cement steps to enter our house have sunk a couple of inches on one side.
Vicinity of Bridgewater Drive in Zeeland
We have seepage in the corner of our garage. Has gotten much worse this spring.
Vicinity of W Washington Ave in Zeeland
When it rains alot our basement floor gets wet and the lower walls.
Vicinity of Townline Ct in Zeeland
Just looking to get a price on my retaining wail that is needing repair.
Vicinity of Perry St in Zeeland
Vicinity of in Zeeland
I have some moisture seeping through the wall near the baseboards in my basement.
Vicinity of Pebble Ct in Zeeland
Slow leak in basement foundation.
Vicinity of Caribou Dr. in Zeeland
I have a leak in my basement at the joint between the wall and floor that is about 2 feet long and is like to get an estimate to fix it.
Vicinity of Port Sheldon St in Zeeland
My basement is wet on all sides and on the walls where the pored wall meets brick. It looked to be tiled and sump pump but we usually have standing water after a rain. We are working on getting it as sealed as we can and then we will go for the roof with gutters next.
Vicinity of Sand Lake Drive in Zeeland
Basement wall- poured cement...located right beneath a window well likely clay. Water is getting in through a crack in the wall, creating mildew on the wall and occasional water pooling.
Vicinity of Mesa View Dr. in Zeeland
We have a new leak in basement. Want a written estimate.
Vicinity of in Zeeland
We have a crack in a foundation wall starting at a corner of a window, and when it rains hard water leaks into the basement. the crack from bottom of window to the floor is about 4 feet long.
Vicinity of in Zeeland
Water seepage around perimeter basement wall.
Vicinity of River Bluff Trl in Zeeland
Need a front step mud jacked to slope it away from the house. Step is roughly 1.5' by 6'.
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Ct. in Zeeland
We have water coming up through the floor
Vicinity of Bluff Ridge Dr in Zeeland
Crack in poured wall leaks a little . Would like a quote on repair and wall waterproofing.
Vicinity of Northwind Drive in Zeeland
We have a couple of cracks in the foundation and one in the floor where water seeps in once in a while. We get small puddles. Our basement is completely finished. We have removed drywall and carpeting from the room where the leaks are.
Vicinity of E Bluff Ct in Zeeland
Just moved into new house and found a wet spot in our finished basement. Small crack in the foundation on the outside of the house in the same area...wondering if I have a leak....
Vicinity of Byron Road in Zeeland
We have few seeping cracks in our basement and would like a quote on what you would charge to fix them. Thank you!
Vicinity of S Division St in Zeeland
I have water in basement, interested in waterproofing. Do you finance?
Vicinity of West Maple Ct in Zeeland
Water coming into basement when it rains
Vicinity of Alice Ave in Zeeland
The basement has chronically leaked for 28 years. It seems to be getting worse each year. The water seems to be seeping in from the floor. Could you come and quote? Thanks!
Vicinity of Sout Wind Drive in Zeeland
Would like a free quote for a crack leaking water in my basement on the south wall.
Vicinity of in Zeeland
Our home's foundation has a couple of cracks. Moisture comes through one of the cracks when it rains.
Vicinity of W Central Avenue in Zeeland
Interested in a quote to fil/seal off our crawl space.
Vicinity of Valarie in Zeeland
We have a mold problem in our crawl space
Vicinity of South Wind Drive in Zeeland
I would like a free estimate to water proof my basement.
Vicinity of in Zeeland
I need an estimate to keep the basement dry since water comes in every time it rains.
Vicinity of Sand Lake Dr. in Zeeland
I have water seeping in 1 area around my foundation during heavy rain. 2+ inches in a 1-2 day period. I think I just need some outside waterproofing done. Please contact me.
Vicinity of S. Division in Zeeland
I would like to have an inspection and estimate for repair of my basement.
Vicinity of Sierra Drive in Zeeland
We are looking to get an estimate ASAP on our basement which is a 40 year old brick foundation. Already have one estimate and are looking for another opinion prior to making a decision, please oontact any time. Thank you.