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A Unique PowerBrace Solution in Lansing, MI

This was a classic foundation problem with a slight twist. One of the basement walls in this Lansing, MI rental homes was crumbling inward. The homeowner had installed a retaining wooden wall a few feet in front of the original to hold back dirt and other debris, but now, that wall was tilting inward as well. After a visit from a house inspector ended with a red tag, the homeowner knew he had to something about the wall.

Our PowerBrace system has been used to fix all types of different retaining walls and bowing foundations, so the crew was confident the system would get the job done here as well. The Powerbrace beams were installed the same way they always are, with the top of the beam being bracketed to the floor joists in the ceiling and the bottom of the beam securely installed into the foundation. The big difference between this and a typical PowerBrace installation was that the beams are usually in contact with the collapsing wall from top to bottom.  Since the wooden wall was only half the height of the basement, that wasn’t a possibility this time around. Like with every other PowerBrace system, these beams’ tightness can be adjusted after installation, so the retaining wall will continue to stand strong even as time passes. While PowerBrace is a permanent solution for this retaining wooden wall, Ayers offers a variety of systems that could have prevented the original stone wall from failing. If you’re at all worried about your own foundation, then be sure to give us a call before it’s too late.

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