Work Requests in Jenison

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Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Jenison, MI
Vicinity of Rockhill Drive in Jenison
We are selling the house and the buyer is requesting the repair on the front steps on the porch. The supporting soil has been washed away leaving a large cavity under them causing sagging of the cement steps and unlevel surface.
Vicinity of in Jenison
Crack in foundation that water is squirting out of when it rains heavy.
Vicinity of Ashbury Ct in Jenison
The foundation wall of my garage is leaning out. The wall is exposed because my home is a walk out. There is a crack that has been at the corner for many years but I noticed it has gotten larger. The house is 45 years old.
Vicinity of Arthur Ave in Jenison
Looking to have our crawl space sealed properly
Vicinity of Parkside Dr in Jenison
We have 6 6'x3' slabs around our pool that need to be raised on average of 1 1/2" Our pool area has paver stones all around the outside, then the concrete slabs.
Vicinity of Newcastle Drive in Jenison
Front sidewalk next to the porch has sunk due to runoff in a roof valley. I'd like the sidewalk leveled. Thanks.
Vicinity of Eastlane Ave in Jenison
Some water getting in through crack on basement wall
Vicinity of Fernwood in Jenison
Water leaking into basement from outside foundation
Vicinity of Park West Dr in Jenison
I've lived in my home for about 3 years and this past summer/fall I discovered a VERY slow leak on one side of my finished basement. I took out the dry wall where there was water damage and found a damp area and mold. It's hard for me to determine the exact cause of the leak. I plan doing some some things (i.e. redoing drain pipes outside, etc), but I want to see if I need to have anything else done (sump pump repair, sealing, other water proofing needed to be done by a profession, etc). I would like to see if you would come out and do such an assessment to determine the problem and what steps are needed to fix it. . Thanks.
Vicinity of in Jenison
Back patio has a few areas that need raising.
Vicinity of Graceland Dr in Jenison
Porch foundation is cracked
Vicinity of Olde Farm Dr. in Jenison
Just recently bought home after major flooding in Jenison, Mi area. Musty smell, high humidity, looks like moldy or very olde insulation and spots where there is no insulation at all in basement. One bedroom is on the chimney side of home (just under it) with mortar(?) falling onto drop ceiling of basement. Drop ceiling has been removed due to finding mice urine and feces throughout. Help!! Thank you for your time and estimate of needs. Renoulte
Vicinity of Sherwood Drive in Jenison
Small crack in basement laundry room that leaks during heavy rains. A few leaks in crawl space possibly due to grading issues and a cement walkway poured next to house that slopes towards house.
Vicinity of Louise Ave in Jenison
I would like to know where the leak is and what is the best way to repair.
Vicinity of Rockhill Drive in Jenison
Water is coming in where the floor and wall come together in two lower level rooms. We have a bi-level home all rooms are finished! The rooms that have the problem are on the side that has the higher ground.
Vicinity of Lilac Drive in Jenison
Do you accept credit cards?
Vicinity of Brentwood in Jenison
Would like to have someone come out and look at my sump pump and ceiling in my downstairs garage. Thanks.
Vicinity of Coconut Dr. in Jenison
I'd like a crawl space encapsulation estimate & inspection.
Vicinity of S. MArymark Dr. in Jenison
We have an unfinsihed basement where some of the walls have been painted with a white sealant. We are expereincing mold on the bottom half of the wall. We have treated it and the problem is coming back. We would like to finish the basement but are worried about having to replace what we finish.