Work Requests in Jackson

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Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Jackson, MI
Edward W. Jackson, MI
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Vicinity of Horton Road in Jackson
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Woodland Ave in Jackson
Basement leaks. I think I've narrowed down the spot but I want it waterproofed correctly.
Vicinity of S. Thompson St. in Jackson
High water table after long period rains causes seepage through basement floor. Need quote on French drain with sump to flow out of basement.
Vicinity of Murray Rd in Jackson
Have water in my basement.
Vicinity of W Argyle in Jackson
Wet basement problems.
Vicinity of Springbrook Rd in Jackson
Leaking basement
Vicinity of W Clark Street in Jackson
Our basement is a Michigan basement that floods during heavy rains. It is flooded right now. I believe there are crack in the walls where it meets our floors.
Vicinity of Gillis Dr in Jackson
We have a manufactured home on a crawl. We're noticing some floor sagging and also mortar and block cracks in foundation.
Vicinity of Maidstone Road in Jackson
Water leaking into crawl space after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Sir Austin Drive in Jackson
Foundation cracks in my basement. We are getting water in the basements through the cracks when it rains . Need a quote to repair/patch Thanks. Brandon
Vicinity of Hollywood Dr in Jackson
Cottage crawl space needs attention. We have an accepted offer on the sale of our family cottage. After home inspection, the buyers would like an estimate on crawl space issues.....insulation, waterproofing, foundation, etc. We would like written estimates on minimum work needed to be done and also maximum (sky's the limit) what could be done to update and repair current crawl space.
Vicinity of Browns Lake Road in Jackson
No basement water in years now have had twice when we have had a hard rain for two days --twice. we have had seepage from the bottom blocks of the basement walls. clay soil so hard to drain have sump pump large dehumidifier now
Vicinity of Hillcrest St in Jackson
Crack in foundation water coming through
Vicinity of Vanhorn Rd in Jackson
Weeping north wall in walkout basement. Wood Trim rotten and molded. Wondering if I can put in a french drain on the north wall to eliminate these leaks.
Vicinity of Cardinal Crest in Jackson
Slight sagging in utility room over crawlspace.
Vicinity of Maple Dale Rd in Jackson
Small leak in basement wall
Vicinity of N. Stoney Lake Rd in Jackson
Concrete slab in front of one of the garage doors has sunk in one corner.
Vicinity of Oak Street in Jackson
I am with a company we are looking to do some properties. We want to do some 27X70 walkout basement.
Vicinity of N. State St in Jackson
Moisture Problems in the basement. The home is 100 years old. Paint won't stick to walls. One wall seems to be deteriorating slightly.
Vicinity of in Jackson
I have a Michigan basement (exposed foundation, roughly poured cement floor) and for the most part it is good - I've never had any standing water. But I do notice water seepage. I'd like to find out the best course of action for keeping it dry. I'm getting awfully sick of doing the bucket de-humidifier thing. I do not have a sump pump. I also know there are ways for mice to get into the house through the basement, so if there was a win-win solution to seal up the house against water and mice that would be fantastic!
Vicinity of Clinton Rd in Jackson
Water in basement
Vicinity of McBride St. in Jackson
We have a small amount of water in an area of our basement. It appears to be coming up from the basement floor. I'm not sure if we need a sump pump or what.
Vicinity of Ridgeway in Jackson
Water settling against foundation with leaking into laundry room
Vicinity of RUTLEDGE ST in Jackson
Interested in getting crawl space insulated.
Vicinity of S. Pleasant St. in Jackson
Recently we found out that our foundation was in really bad shape and the air quality in our home was also very toxic. I would like to get this quote and advice in next steps.
Vicinity of in Jackson
Foundation at back of house seems to be shifting
Vicinity of Peacock Walk in Jackson
Live on a crawl space and the house sometime smell musty.
Vicinity of W. Michigan Ave. in Jackson
Leak in corner by electric service
Vicinity of N Sandstone Rd in Jackson
Standing water in the corner of basement, carpet saturated, baseboard and drywall are wet.
Vicinity of Marshwood Dr in Jackson
Our home is 20 years old and over the years our front sidewalk has settled and tilted. This has resulted in an uneven step up onto the front porch. I wanted to investigate the possibility of jacking the sidewalk into the proper position.
Vicinity of Orange Street in Jackson
We are having problems with snakes getting in our basement. So with that we need our basement looked at for cracks and holes to where we think that's how there getting in.
Vicinity of N. Thompson St. in Jackson
My basement leaks when it rains. It's cinder block.
Vicinity of Griswold St in Jackson
Water coming in basement
Vicinity of Creglow Dr in Jackson
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Sweetgum Dr. in Jackson
Tilting floors
Vicinity of W. Morrell St. in Jackson
Severe cracking in drywall and some doors within the house do not open and close as they should. I am worried the foundation may be shifting.
Vicinity of Edgewood in Jackson
Leak on small portion of basement floor after rain.
Vicinity of E ARGYLE STREET in Jackson
My basement floods and is pretty much always wet. I would like a free estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr in Jackson
Floors are getting creaky and uneven over a crawl space
Vicinity of Hague Ave in Jackson
Wet basement from leak (?). It is wet underneath the linoleum. No idea where it's coming from
Vicinity of Gregory Place in Jackson
Visibly see water leaking through cement blocks in basement foundation. After the rain this past couple weeks our basement floor is full of water. Need to find out how big the problem is and how much it'll cost to fix.
Vicinity of Edgewood in Jackson
There's a damp smell in the basement of the house we have been attempting to treat unsuccessfully
Vicinity of Sassafras Dr. in Jackson
Hallway floor starting to slant a little but enough to put a small light crack in the wall.
Vicinity of Wall St in Jackson
Need an egress window placed as soon as possible.
Vicinity of HAZELWOOD BLVD in Jackson
We had a leak in the foundation over the weekend.
Vicinity of Bryant Ave in Jackson
This is a fixer upper some cement blocks near the floor are starting to deteriorate.Just wondered what it would cost to bring it up to par.
Vicinity of Cascade Ct in Jackson
Musty smell in the crawl space that permeates the house while the AC is running and inspector said there was some water in the crawl while doing his home inspection.
Vicinity of Greene's Drive in Jackson
Vicinity of W South St in Jackson
Wet/damp. Older home built in 1921. Home is approx. 765 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Sargent Rd in Jackson
Concrete leveling/rising
Vicinity of Browns Lake Road in Jackson
I have a wet/damp crawl space with a dirt floor. I would like a drainage system installed with a sump pump. I need the work done as soon as possible so if you cannot schedule within 2-3 weeks no need to reply. thanks
Vicinity of Highland Dr in Jackson
Our walk out basement wall and floor need repair to seal from outside elements.
Vicinity of S Webster Street in Jackson
Heavy rain we get water in our basement. We do not have a sump pump. Our dehumidifier runs like crazy. We need a quote on how to dry the basement.
Vicinity of Herbert J Ave in Jackson
Looking for estimates to seal up basement
Vicinity of S Higby in Jackson
Water leaking into basement whenever have heavy rains, has had previous waterproofing system but don't know how long ago
Vicinity of Morningstar in Jackson
We recently purchased a new home. We are having issues with water in the basement after heavy rains.
Vicinity of Hickory Lane in Jackson
We have a half horse Zoeller that works like a champ, but typically runs non-stop this time of year. If it fails, we will have water in our basement pretty quick.
Vicinity of Kibby Rd in Jackson
Water in basement in heavy rainstorms
Vicinity of Carlton in Jackson
Basement floods when snow melts and heavy rains.
Vicinity of Douglas Street in Jackson
I have water coming either through the foundation walls or floors in my basement and would like a quote on how to fix this
Vicinity of Timber Lane Drive in Jackson
Closing on a home that has had flooding, moisture and possible mold issues. Would like to resolve this issue so that I can finalize deal.
Vicinity of Lake Shore in Jackson
I am seeking a quote for new construction exterior foundation spray coating near Jackson. Approx 250 sq ft. please advise. Project ready in 2 days.
Vicinity of Gemmill St in Jackson
Our basement gets wet in areas during heavy rains. Sometimes it comes in through the windows but mostly it seems to come in through the northeast corner of the home.
Vicinity of Concord Blvd in Jackson
Front concrete steps need leveling.
Vicinity of Kibby Rd in Jackson
Vicinity of Hathaway Lane in Jackson
Wet basement, would like quote on fixing.
Vicinity of Elmwood Avenue in Jackson
Water coming into basement at north and west walls. 1940s house. Looks like it has happened before.
Vicinity of W Washington Ave in Jackson
My basement is flooded which has happened before it never this bad, please call me to schedule an estimate. I'm a single mom running a business out of my home. I need help. Thank you!
Vicinity of ROCK ST in Jackson
Currenflyt seeking quotes for our leaking basement. When ever we receive a heavy rain one side of our basement has a lot of water flowing in. We are looking for affordable solutions to this problem.
Vicinity of Mitchell St in Jackson
Basement floor , and wall cracking, also noticeable uneven floors on main level.
Vicinity of Browns Lake Rd in Jackson
Basemest walls have mold in corners.
Vicinity of Carric Court in Jackson
I have concrete stairs that need to be lifted.
Vicinity of North Blackstone St in Jackson
I have a few areas in one side of my home in which my floors are sloping
Vicinity of Brooklyn Rd in Jackson
Concrete driveway sinking
Vicinity of Brookside Blvd in Jackson
We have a water leak in the basement, near the crawlspace and the crawlspace (which is an addition) is a mess, hanging insulation and plastic not covering the ground
Vicinity of Joey Dr in Jackson
Patio concrete is sinking toward sunroom wood foundation
Vicinity of Jones Rd in Jackson
Vicinity of Woodbridge in Jackson
This is a rental property I manage. The driveway has sunk in a center section and rain water is washing the sand from underneath.
Vicinity of Kibby Rd in Jackson
Wet basement this Spring. Water coming up from th floor in different places
Vicinity of N Gorham in Jackson
Have water leaks in basement when rains
Vicinity of Leo Rd in Jackson
A sunken section of concrete in the sidewalk to my front door presents a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Harding Rd in Jackson
Water in basement
Vicinity of Brentwood Rd in Jackson
Basement floods
Vicinity of E Euclid St in Jackson
Bulging basement wall
Vicinity of W. Washington Ave in Jackson
Our basement has cracks where water is coming up out of. The previous owners tried to fix it, however, it is not working. We also have a couple of areas where our concrete walk way could be lifted.
Vicinity of North Gorham St. in Jackson
Crawl space under a living room addition. Looking for recommendation on insulation and maintence of the space.
Vicinity of Deblinsue Lane in Jackson
Water has been coming in the east end of my house where the solid foundation meets up with the floor of the basement . Also on the south side of the house where the solid foundation meets the block foundation!
Vicinity of in Jackson
I have water intrusion on the north basement wall (concrete block) with disintegration of grout. And I have an unlined crawl space under a small addition. Both are contributing to a stale musty odor upstairs.
Vicinity of Cooper Rd in Jackson
We have a basement that doesn't flood but it seeps water. I am not sure when but our basement does have a sump pump. The basement flooded completely prior to our moving in and we raised the land level on the back wall to limit seeping. We have since kept it to a minimum except for the massive rain we got a month or or so ago. It's only the one wall that seeps.
Vicinity of Winifred St in Jackson
Crawl space has damp smell that I can smell through duct work
Vicinity of Francis St. in Jackson
We have a cracked bowing basement corner that we would like an estimate on repair.
Vicinity of Woodfield Dr in Jackson
Basement is leaking towards the bottom of the wall and where the wall and floor meet.
Vicinity of Ridge Rd in Jackson
Floors not level, crawl has oder
Vicinity of Audubon Blvd. in Jackson
Vicinity of Burning Tree St in Jackson
Window well fills when it rains. Window gushes water
Vicinity of Knollwood Ave in Jackson
Vicinity of E.Euclid Ave in Jackson
Home is ninety years old and every time it rains our basement floods. Home is sitting on bricks under ground. Is this fixable????
Vicinity of Bennett Rd in Jackson
Driveway sinking
Vicinity of Jordan Rd in Jackson
I have a utility closet that had a leaking water softener, the water softener was removed before I bought the house. But the damaged floor and subfloor were left completely rotted away. The whole floor (roughly 8'x5' section, from what I can see) has rotted and caved in. I would really like to have someone take a look and let me know what needs to be done. Thank you.
Vicinity of S. Webster in Jackson
My basement is leaking after a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Staten Dr in Jackson
Wanting to finish our basement, and are interested in waterproofing and also concrete leveling of our front step/cement cap. Curious to an estimate and what our budget will allow. Not available by phone until after 4pm but email is regularly available.
Vicinity of Miles Rd in Jackson
The foundation walls are buckling. they are cinder block walls. i can send you pictures if you need.
Vicinity of Cranbrook Rd. in Jackson
I bought a house 2 years ago not knowing it was built on a street with a high water table. I have continual water coming in my basement and it hasnt really rained in a month! Please help me.
Vicinity of Country View Blvd. in Jackson
Wall bowing.
Vicinity of Whitney St in Jackson
Moisture and water build-up in basement
Vicinity of Scott Carpenter Dr in Jackson
Basement Leaks from one edge of the foundation wall near where the wall meets the floor.
Vicinity of in Jackson
I would like to get an estimate for waterproofing our basement
Vicinity of Lansing Ave in Jackson
I have some seepage in my crawl space that I would like looked at and an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Walden Woods Blvd in Jackson
Sinking patio slab
Vicinity of S Thompson in Jackson
I have a large crack in my basement (block) wall and it is starting to bow in a bit. I'd like an estimate on having it repaired.
Vicinity of in Jackson
Finished basement. West wall is leaking at base. Will probably need to be dug up
Vicinity of Mill Run in Jackson
Sinking porch and steps. Uneven concrete driveway slabs.
Vicinity of S. Durand Street in Jackson
Water seeping in basement and some potential mold
Vicinity of Herbert J Ave in Jackson
Garage foundation cracked and settling, pulling the attached garage away from the main structure.
Vicinity of Stoney Lake Rd in Jackson
Three cracks in the basement concrete floor. All parallel to each other, and running the full length of the floor.
Vicinity of Birchwood St in Jackson
In need of an egress window, well, and cover installation in finished basement.
Vicinity of Walz Rd. in Jackson
Our one-story home has a full basement and the exposed walls have heavy condensation in the winter. The walls also grow mildew (or mold) and we would like to do something about this issue before finishing the basement.
Vicinity of E.euclid Ave in Jackson
My basement is flooded with at least a 2 feet of water
Vicinity of Lancaster Blvd in Jackson
Old house on a crawl space. Last winter proved to be VERY cold in the house. Pipes also froze CONSTANTLY. Hoping to seal the space and get it warmer in the house.
Vicinity of Greene's Dr in Jackson
Sinking slab in crawl and or foundation.
Vicinity of Deerfield Dr in Jackson
We are concerned about potential moisture problems and/or mold growth in the crawl space of a home we just purchased. However, we are unsure what to look for and what is/isn't concerning. We have a part basement, part crawl space and the crawl space access is in the unfinished portion of the basement. Otherwise, we believe it is unvented. The previous owners always kept the entry to the crawl space closed, and we are concerned this may be leading to moisture and/or mold growth problems. There is insulation around the duct work for the forced air that runs through the crawl space and underneath the flooring (along the top of the crawl space). It is a bare earth crawl space, but does have clear plastic laid down over the dirt. The crawl space is located underneath our family room.
Vicinity of North Valley in Jackson
I would like a quote on my crawl space not very big 12 by 20
Vicinity of Brown St in Jackson
Getting water in basement, want to see what needs to be done to fix problem!
Vicinity of S Durand in Jackson
Wanting to get an estimate on our basement being waterproofed we have a few spots that leak during a heavy rain
Vicinity of S Higby in Jackson
Flooding in my basement
Vicinity of W. Morrell in Jackson
I have a pored wall walk out basement. The front wall and floor has settled significantly. There are also major size cracks in the side walls. I was told I needed helical piers to stablize and walls lifted back to original position.
Vicinity of Catsyl Rd in Jackson
We have water leaking through the concrete wall of our downstairs sub-level. We have removed the carpeting and tore out the soggy drywall so the concrete wall is exposed. We have poured walls and it appears that water is leaking at the floor to wall area. Thank you
Vicinity of County Farm Rd in Jackson
1. Ground water enters basement through cracks in the floor. 2. Crock drains to pond but the pipe seems to be plugged and fails to drain. 3. Basement flooded last week due to these two items. 4. Install sump pump to temporarily pump water outside to the lawn area to stop flooding. 5. We are moving ASAP and don't want to spend a lot on the repair but need to make it right.
Vicinity of W High in Jackson
Water leaks through two basement windows, would like an estimate as to what may be wrong and cost to repair.
Vicinity of N Durand St in Jackson
Basement leaks in several spots and has gotten worse over the last 7 years I've owned the house. House was built in 1920, had a Michigan basement that was dug out at some point and had concrete poured. There is no drain or sump pump. Concrete driveway right next to foundation on one side where leak is bad. Also mold/mildew on the walls.
Vicinity of Burning Tree St in Jackson
I have a finished basement. Carpet is getting wet against the wall in a 40 square foot area, give or take. It will dry with no precipitation for a week or two then it will rain and the carpet becomes wet again. I had backyard regraded but did not alleviate the problem.
Vicinity of Third Street in Jackson
Back porch/ crawl space sinking
Vicinity of Ganton Drive in Jackson
Step and horizontal cracks on all four walls throughout 1700 square foot basement. Two inch bowing on one brick wall and brick is starting to crumble.
Vicinity of Parkside Blvd. in Jackson
I cant keep the one end of my basement dry. not sure if it has to do with the foundation. possible mold. looking for a proffecional to come look at it.
Vicinity of Fifth St in Jackson
I have a rental home that has really no structural issues or water leakage. I would like the basement walls cleaned up and dryloked (or a comparable product that you use). I would prefer not to do it myself and just getting quotes to see if its something I would pay someone to do...
Vicinity of S. Portage Rd in Jackson
Water leaks up through floor during heavy rains
Vicinity of Clark Lake Rd in Jackson
I am looking to get my basement windows replaced soon. Have brick ranch built in the 50's with a half finished basement. Just looking to get windows replaced as the the old ones are cracked and corroded. Already have window wells for both windows.
Vicinity of Wolf Lake Forest in Jackson
Crawl space is a mess and floods in the Spring. Insulation was done wrong and is falling off of floor. Bought the house 2 years ago and found out that VA inspector didn't inspect the crawl space. I need the help of a good trustworthy contractor who will do the job right and at a reasonable price.
Vicinity of Center Street in Jackson
Retaining wall in front/ side of home failing.
Vicinity of W. Franklin St. in Jackson
Water coming into basement from where the front stoop of the house is located.
Vicinity of Holly Dr. in Jackson
Garage floor is sinking and I have crack in basement wall on garage side of house.
Vicinity of Ackerson Lake Dr. in Jackson
We have a MI it's dry but one wall has a crack and need to have someone look at how to better the foundation on the other walls as we think about remodeling.
Vicinity of Woodfield Dr. in Jackson
Horrible Michigan basement, that needs water proofing due to do much moisture & mold.
Vicinity of Maguire in Jackson
Bowing Foundation Wall.
Vicinity of E Ganson in Jackson
The floors on the first level of my home are wavy. The second level floor have deep sagging issues. There are long beams in my basement that are very low. Currently there are wood post in the basement that don't seem to be doing the job.
Vicinity of Kingston Ct. in Jackson
We would like a quote to repair a foundation crack.
Vicinity of Bates Street in Jackson
We would like an estimate
Vicinity of Fawn Lane in Jackson
We just moved into a tri-level home. The North-West corner of the crawl has standing water. The previous owner stated a drain (outside i'm assuming to drain water from the home)was put in place to remedy that situation, obviously it was not done correctly.