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Delhi Charter Township, MI Home Gets Insulated

We received a call from a customers crawlspace that was not well insulated from the outside environment. We drove to their home and gave them a free estimate. After inspection, we decided to install CleanSpace (info on CleanSpace here) along with FrothPak. FrothPak is a spray foam insulation used on rim joists and hard to reach areas. It does not absorb moisture, so it does a great job at sealing crawlspaces from the outside environment. Now that this homeowner's crawlspace is insulated, they won't have to worry about their home being affected by the outside environment any longer

FrothPak in Holland, MI Basement

Air leaks can cause your bills to rise and majorly overwork your furnace. We find that most air leaks are in hard to reach places making them hard to seal off. With FrothPak, this insulation can be sprayed just about anywhere. It's waterproof and inorganic making it completely mold resistant. FrothPark filled in the gaps and works to keep this Holland, MI basement insulated! 

Insulating Rim Joists in Ludington, MI

Looking to totally seal their basement, homewoners called our team. So in order to prevent air flow from their basement to the rest of their home, our team insulated their rim joists. Small cracks and seams can exist around rim joists, but after insulating them all of those cracks are sealed off. With airtight insulation there is a reduction in heat loss. 

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