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CleanSpace 101

We have all heard the horror stories of crawl spaces: they smell bad, are wet, cold, and look like a dungeon. Your crawl space is that area of your house that you know is there, but would not enter unless you absolutely have to.

To make this a more accessible space, maybe not for yourself but for the plumber, you will combat the horrible odor and cold by stopping the water vapor from entering your crawlspace. Many homes attempt to correct this problem by pouring concrete floors or placing plastic liners. With concrete floors the water vapor goes straight through the concrete and has nowhere for the water to drain to the sump location. In addition to concrete not keeping the water out of the crawl space it  is extremely difficult to spread across your crawl space. Plastic liners are often used to cut the venting requirement but it is not durable. Plastic liners are not optimal for if you need to get into your crawl space, often times you easily rip holes in it. They are made with a thin layer of plastic.

 Our product, CleanSpace, combats these issues efficiently. CleanSpace stops water vapor from entering through the soil and the crawl space walls. Before installing the CleanSpace liner, we can install a drainage matting.  This matting allows water to flow up under the liner  to a sump in the crawlspace floor. Then, the liner is installed. Iit is specifically engineered with inorganic material, material that prevents mold and bacteria growth, protecting you and your loved ones from illnesses. Mold irritates people who currently have asthma or allergies  and prolonged exposure can cause asthma.

Mold growth often results in circulating poor quality air through your home. The CleanSpace liner eliminates the 2 main things mold need in order to grow and prosper: food and water. Mold feeds on the organic materials used to build your home such as wood. The CleanSPace liner is made from a thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner, to prevent mold growth. The other component mold needs is water. In a crawl space, especially since the crawl space is made with organic materials, the walls and floors allow water vapor to seep through making the space wet. This gives mold the best conditions to grow and flourish. A primary goal of  CleanSpace is  separating the earth from the home and  keeps that water vapor from seeping in. For added protection, we have additional features such as drainage matting; matting so the water flows under the liner to the sump, and sump pumps; to effectively pump water out of your crawl space especially if you have a standing water concern.


CleanSpace 101 - Image 1

CleanSpace 101 - Image 2

The CleanSpace liner is strong and durable and will not be ruined from you crawling on it. This makes it a more pleasant and usable space. We can all make use of  a little more storage room.

CleanSpace not only looks a whole lot better but it can save you money too. During installation, we make sure to seal any areas where outside air can enter, which is usually the cause of a cold crawl space. Many people find they need to insulate their floors to keep their homes warm, this is an additional option but, CleanSPace makes a drastic difference. Once CleanSpace is installed and we have sealed it from any outside air leaks you have created a warm space ensuring your home isn't cooled by outside air. This can lower your energy costs between 15% and 20%.

CleanSpace not only saves you money, but protects your family’s health. Call us today for an inspection.


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