Foundation Repair Case Studies: Support for Bowing Foundation Wall in Central Lake, MI

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 by Emily White


This Central Lake, MI homeowner had realized that the foundation walls in their basement were beginning to seriously bow. The bowing seemed to increase when temperatures were freezing, and these customers came to the conclusion that this problem needed to be addressed. The walls needed to be permanently straightened and supported so that there would no longer be any danger of the foundation collapsing. 


Our expert team decided that the installation of our patented GeoLock wall anchors and PowerBrace foundation wall repair system were necessary for this project.


The GeoLock wall anchors are specifically designed to bring back bowing and buckling foundation walls to their original position and forever secure them in that position. This works by digging a narrow trench extending beyond the home for the GeoLock to rest in; the trench will extend out to where the soil is solid enough to offer maximum support for the foundation wall. After that was complete, our team then implemented the PowerBrace system to the interior of the basement. PowerBrace is made of steel I-beams that fix to the joists above the foundation wall, ensuring that the wall is supported and further stabilized.


With these installments, this homeowner will now have zero worries concerning their foundation walls. 

Project Summary

Project Foreman: Adam Davis

Products Installed: GeoLock Wall Anchors and PowerBrace Repair System

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