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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Using CarbonArmor to Stabilize Multiple Cracked Walls in Mattawan, MI

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 by Amanda Waldmann


A cracked basement wall is often fine until the moment it’s not. That moment came for Larry from Mattawan after he did some spring landscaping. What had been a single crack in the walkout basement - a crack that had been observed and largely ignored for 15 years - became a bowing wall and a network of cracks across the walls.


Larry was thinking of finishing the basement to add living space to his home, and he knew he couldn’t do that without addressing the wall problem. Eager to start off his new project on the right foot, Larry called us for a free inspection.



Steve Schoenleber, one of our Senior System Design Specialists, inspected the home to find the best and most efficient way to prevent Larry’s basement walls from bowing any further and make the basement suitable for finishing. Steve determined that the CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System was the right solution for the basement.


CarbonArmor is a fiber-reinforced polymer that’s 10x stronger than steel and designed specifically for wall stabilization and reinforcement. Their low profile design means they don’t stick out far from the wall, and can even be painted, so you aren’t hindered when it comes to choosing a wall finishing option. Since this is an interior solution, no excavation is required.


After determining the ideal distance between straps, one of our production crews installed 19 CarbonArmor straps on the affected walls of the basement. To install, we first coat the area with a special epoxy resin. More resin goes on top of the strap after it’s in place, and the strap is then bracketed to the joists for further security.


By utilizing the CarbonArmor system, we were able to stabilize Larry’s walkout basement and get it ready for finishing, all without invasive excavation or a lengthy construction process.


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