Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Wolverine, MI Crawl Space Saved From Moisture

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 by Elena Behrman


This crawl space in Wolverine looks a little daunting. With a sand floor, hanging insulation, and exposed ductwork, this block crawl space was experiencing moisture along with a musty odor. The owners knew they had to address these problems, so they contacted Ayers to do the dirty work.



First, it’s important to know why dirt crawl spaces can get so damp. By nature, dirt contains moisture, and as it dries inside the crawl space, it becomes water vapor, which is almost impossible to prevent. Groundwater can also seep under the footing, and through cinderblock walls. After it enters, it sits and evaporates, creating more water vapor.

This water vapor is bad news, especially for the ductwork in the crawl space. Warm humid air seeks the coldest place, which in a crawl space is likely the ducts—especially if they’re carrying cold air throughout the home. Condensation forms on the ducts, and then warms the vents, which is completely counteractive. This not only contributes more moisture to the space and causes you to lose a lot of energy.

Next, let’s look at the hanging. This insulation is a breeding ground for mold in a moist environment like this crawl space. The resin used to set the fibers contains and organic material, and once it mixes with the moisture, mold can grow.  Since it’s also not installed in a closed cavity, this insulation is doing little to reflect heat.

So what can you do to eliminate moisture, the root of all evil, in your crawl space? Install CleanSpace, and proper insulation. CleanSpace is a durable, inorganic crawl space liner that’s fixed to the walls, sealing off your crawl space from the earth. The liner blocks moisture, and the antimicrobial additive in the liner prevents mold from growing on it.

SilverGlo insulation is a great upgrade from the existing, damp, hanging fiberglass insulation. Installed in panels, this insulation is manufactured with graphite particles to help reflect heat and lower conductivity. It’s 2in thick and can be installed on the walls and floor to maximize energy efficiency.

With energy efficient insulation and a crawl space liner to provide a vapor barrier, this crawl space not only looks cleaner and brighter, but is dry, too!

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