Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawl Space Humidity and Structural Problem

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 by Jared McCarthy


For years, David knew there was a serious problem under his home. Then the damage that was once isolated in the crawlspace started to affect the living area and cause soft spots in the floor.

David decided enough was enough and called Ayers Basement Systems to solve the problem. During the inspection, the project manager found mold covering the rotted floor beams and the crawlspace floor was damp. The crew arrived two weeks later to start the four-day project to completely overhaul David’s unhealthy crawlspace.


The first step was to make the environment suitable to work in by removing the mold covering the floor beams.

Our crew then replaced the rotted floor beams and installed Basement System’s patented Smart Jacks to stabilize the floor joists. Next, the ground was regraded to allow proper drainage to keep the crawlspace dry.

With the ground and top of the crawlspace ready, work began to encapsulate the area and create an environment that will resist mold growth. Drainage Matting XL was laid down to allow water to travel along the ground without causing puddles, and keep the CleanSpace encapsulation system dry.

The last step was to cover the entire ground and the perimeter walls with the CleanSpace encapsulation system, finishing the restoration of David’s crawlspace and making it dry and clean, with safe and solid floors in his living area.

Project Summary

Project Manager: Steven Schoenleber

Foreman: Nathaniel Monear

Products: Smart Jacks, Drainage Matting XL, CleanSpace Encapsulation System

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