Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

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Concrete Slab on Sidewalk Lifted in Macomb, MI

Concrete settling creates a tripping hazard and takes away from the attractiveness of your home. Unlike mudjacking, PolyLEVEL uses a unique blend of polymers to raise slab to their original positions. It is also a very clean process. As seen in the after picture, the holes are less than a nickel wide and the slab can be walked on just 15 minutes after the project completion.

Rochester, MI Garage Slabs Lifted and Leveled Using PolyLevel Injection

Six years ago Jess L. had concrete lifted at the meeting point between his garage and driveway. Recently he noticed that the concrete had settled about an inch around his garage door which made closing the door very difficult. We lifted the settled concrete in the garage/driveway intersection using our PolyLevel Injection. This is a great alternative to replacing cracked or settled concrete. This high-density foam fills any voids in soil particles, is waterproof and lightweight, and does not take long to cure.

Our concrete leveling specialist also recommended that Jess have the existing downspout extended to the yard to prevent water from washing out soil below the garage and driveway concrete which could lead to further settling. 

Grass Lake, MI Walkway is Crumbling

One of our customers from Grass Lake called us about his walkway that was experiencing sagging and cracking. We gave him our professional help so that this would no longer be an issue. We installed PolyLevel which is an advanced polymer injection foam that we blast into the concrete which raises it level and makes it stronger than ever before. PolyLevel worked to raise and level out the concrete slabs while dealing with the weak soils below that were no longer able to hold the weight of the home above. We drilled multiple small holes into the concrete slabs in order to inject them with a polymer material that expanded to lift and level out the concrete. Once injected, the system only needed about 15 minutes to fully cure and the slabs were then stabilized and lifted to their proper level, and stronger than ever before. Now, this homeowner will not have to worry about this ever again.

Poly Level Repairs Cracked Patio in Jackson, MI

Sinking, uneven concrete can be dangerous, it can look bad and it can lower the resale value of your home. PolyLevel is a very easy way to fix your concrete. We drill penny size holes in the concrete and inject structural grade polymers in to raise the concrete back to its desired height. The polymers are waterproof so they won't wash out and they cure very quickly so your cement can be drove on almost instantly after the process is completed. 

Poly Level Helps a Jackson, MI couple Level Their Porch Steps

Our friends Ken & Rosemary from Jackson, MI began noticing that their porch steps were sinking on one end. This caused the steps to no longer be level and became a safety hazard for the couple and their guests alike. Ken began looking at their options; removing the concrete and rebuilding the steps seemed like an extensive and invasive process. Searching for a more effective solution to their cement danger, these wise friends called us! We used our unique product offering Poly Level to return the cement steps to their original position. Poly Level raises concrete through unique qualities of expanding polyurethane foam, making it: environmentally safe, affordable, waterproof to prevent future erosion, quick and mess free, and a permanent solution! Poly Level not only results in a solution that looks better and lasts longer, it is also less destructive to the applied surface. Poly Level was able to raise the sinking section of Ken & Rosemary’s steps and make them look like new. If you find yourself struggling with cement structure issues like our friends, give us a call for a free estimate before you decide to replace your cement. You may in fact be glad you did.

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