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Wyoming, MI Driveway Gets Lifted and Leveled

Joel and Margaret have lived in their home for many years. The driveway slabs, which were poured in the 80s, have started to sink, crack, and separate over time. Recognizing the need for maintenance, they reached out to Ayers for assistance. Upon inspection, it was determined that their driveway required the application of our Polylevel and NexusPro products to lift and level the slabs to appropriate heights and seal the cracks. Following the installation, Joel and Margaret's driveway regained its new appearance and is now expected to last for several more years.

PolyLevel Solves Draining Issue in Royal Oak, MI

Erin and Michael realized a large crack had formed in the garage, causing a void. The couple tried to fill the void, yet it only worsened their situation as water had no way to drain. The couple reached out to Ayers to find a permanent solution. After inspecting their home, the team suggested the PolyLevel System. PolyLevel is a system where foam is inserted below the cement allowing the team to rise and level the cement. Erin and Michael were thrilled with the solution; their cement could now drain correctly and looked terrific!

Floor Calls For PolyLevel in Rochester Hills, MI

Peter was remodeling his basement and discovered the floors were unlevel. He contacted us at Ayers Basement Systems seeking a solution! The team at Ayers determined that the PolyLevel system would be best for the job. PolyLevel inserts foam below the concrete, which can be expanded with temperature, allowing the crew to level the floor. The foam is very durable and will provide a permanent solution for Peter! 

Rochester, MI Garage Slabs Lifted and Leveled Using PolyLevel Injection

Six years ago Jess L. had concrete lifted at the meeting point between his garage and driveway. Recently he noticed that the concrete had settled about an inch around his garage door which made closing the door very difficult. We lifted the settled concrete in the garage/driveway intersection using our PolyLevel Injection. This is a great alternative to replacing cracked or settled concrete. This high-density foam fills any voids in soil particles, is waterproof and lightweight, and does not take long to cure.

Our concrete leveling specialist also recommended that Jess have the existing downspout extended to the yard to prevent water from washing out soil below the garage and driveway concrete which could lead to further settling. 

Concrete Repair Without the Mess in Waterford, MI

Gene noticed that the walkway to his home had begun to drop to the ground. He contacted us at Ayers Basement Systems to find a solution. After an inspection, the team suggested the PolyLevel system! This process inserts expandable foam below the surface of the concrete, allowing the crew to level the surface without a mess! Gene was thrilled that his walkway looked great and was supported!

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