Work Requests in Battle Creek

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Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Battle Creek, MI
Vicinity of Heather Ridge Road in Battle Creek
Looking to have window well windows replaced due to water leakage.
Vicinity of North Ave in Battle Creek
My driveway needs leveling in some areas and a couple cracks are beginning to appear.
Vicinity of Stone Jug Rd in Battle Creek
After this last rain we discovered we have hydrostatic pressure in our basement that causes water backup. Would like to schedule so we can get a quote.
Vicinity of Bittersweet in Battle Creek
Interested in new basement windows and window wells.
Vicinity of White Pine Blvd in Battle Creek
Home built in 1964, there are cracks where floor meets walls. Y cracks in every room, holes - most with newer concrete patch fill plugs, from 1970 termite treatment, holes from hot water heat pipes coming through the floor. We have an extremely high water table - river in back yard. Hard rains push the water table up through cracks and holes. Has flooded 1x year for last 6 years.
Vicinity of W Jackson St in Battle Creek
I have a Habitat for Humanity home I been in it for 14 years and just about every year that I have been there it has flooded.
Vicinity of N Union St in Battle Creek
Have a basement with a minor water issue. Need to see about waterproofing the basement.
Vicinity of Kings Court in Battle Creek
My basement has been leaking due to all the rain recently. Someone recommended that i call you for an estimate.
Vicinity of Hedges Lane in Battle Creek
We have a leak along a wall in our basement. It appears to be coming in at the foundation
Vicinity of Pepperidge Lane in Battle Creek
Flooding basement water seeping through the walls
Vicinity of Deer Path Lane in Battle Creek
With all this rain, we have water seeping in from our basement floor and water in our basement. Need to get a quote for a system to be put in.
Vicinity of Deer Path Lane in Battle Creek
With all this rain, we have water seeping in from our basement floor and water in our basement. Need to get a quote for a system to be put in.
Vicinity of Upson Lane in Battle Creek
Every spring we seem to get one/two times a year when we get water in our basement. It's always from the same location. Our basement is fully finished. It seems to come up through the flooring in our spare bedroom.
Vicinity of Logan St in Battle Creek
In need of an estimate for a flooding basement with crackes on the ground and water sipping through
Vicinity of Waubascon Road in Battle Creek
We have water leaking in the side of our house into the basement. It has flooded in the past, just hoping we can get a quote on how to get it fixed... also on the front of the house, there is some water leaking down the wall in the basement as well
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Water in basement, not sure where it's coming from
Vicinity of Dreamfield Dr in Battle Creek
Repair sump hole with a pump activated thru and into the basement drain to be hose outside
Vicinity of Beverly Lane in Battle Creek
Our driveway, gap by garage door. Patio by pool, uneven, lots of cracks and weeds growing through. Just looking for some estimates to see if it's in the budget this year
Vicinity of Clover Lane in Battle Creek
I have a leak from a window well area, but it has come in from the wall/floor
Vicinity of Watkins Lane in Battle Creek
We have a 20 x 9 cement approach that goes in front of our garage. A section roughly 9 foot x 9 foot has cracked and has been dropping on one edge for roughly 15 years. It is now down roughly 2 inches on one end against the house. It needs to be lifted back in place as water can run up against the house .
Vicinity of Sterling Ct in Battle Creek
Driveway leveling
Vicinity of Calhoun St. in Battle Creek
I have a crawl space. I am seeking information about the best solution for repair to prevent animals in the basement. I have been fortunate to not encounter one, when I have had to go to the basement. My basement needs to be functional for me, so I want to begin to get professional experience estimates, so that I can begin formulating a timeline for the repair expenses.
Vicinity of Harris in Battle Creek
Bowing foundation walls in basement need repair.
Vicinity of Betz Rd in Battle Creek
The floor above the crawl space in the 2 back bedrooms of our house is starting to sink. There is a gap between the baseboards and the floor in 1 bedroom and a noticeable downward slope in the other. You can tell just by standing on the floor that it is not level. Also while walking around, furniture moves
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
One side of my house sinks down and it's not level I also Have a lot of crack in my foundation
Vicinity of Oak Grove St. in Battle Creek
Flood damage, wet crawlspace, structural damage
Vicinity of West Highland Blvd in Battle Creek
My house is still settling and was told that I need structural beams installed. Can I get a free estimate?
Vicinity of Oneita in Battle Creek
I believe I need a new sump pump
Vicinity of Leland Dr. S. in Battle Creek
Water in basement
Vicinity of Leland Dr.S in Battle Creek
As above.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Dr in Battle Creek
Have rain water coming into basement after many heavy frequent rains(not every season). Water runs to low spot. could sump pump work?
Vicinity of W Territorial Rd in Battle Creek
I have a dirt crawl space and would like to git rid of damp smell
Vicinity of PARROTT DR in Battle Creek
Need to improve the run off of my drive way. water pooling into my garage.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr in Battle Creek
Crawlspace dampness
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Laundry Room in basement is leaking when there is a large amount of rain coming from the North.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Water in the basement from the wall
Vicinity of Summer St in Battle Creek
We have water getting in the basement and mold that keeps coming back
Vicinity of Sanwood Dr. in Battle Creek
I would like to have an estimate to lift a corner of my garage slab and to resurface the entire garage floor.
Vicinity of Sterling Court in Battle Creek
Leveling driveway
Vicinity of Clinton Dr. East in Battle Creek
Need Egress access from basement..
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Noticing lots of cracks inside of house. I just had my roof replaced and the contractor said he didn't see any major damage so I'm not sure what's causing the cracks.
Vicinity of E Kirby Rd in Battle Creek
Looking into lifting part of driveway to eliminate water pooling into garage.
Vicinity of Swift Rd in Battle Creek
Need an escape access in the basement
Vicinity of Roxbury Ln in Battle Creek
Bowing wall in basement needs repaired so we can begin construction on basement finishing.
Vicinity of W Territorial in Battle Creek
We have a block foundation that is bowing inward
Vicinity of Onagon Beach in Battle Creek
Water and mud coming into our basement
Vicinity of Morgan Ave W in Battle Creek
Tri-level home
Vicinity of Emmett St E in Battle Creek
Two Walls are crumbling in 3 or 4 areas.
Vicinity of Capital Avenue NE in Battle Creek
Wet michigan basement
Vicinity of Abbington Cir in Battle Creek
Hello, I have a 3 car garage and the front 3 slabs are starting to sink towards the house. I would like to get them raised and then leveled. Thanks Sahib
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr in Battle Creek
Need an egress window in a 7 foot high poured concrete basement
Vicinity of Boulder St in Battle Creek
Need a approved access cover to crawl space
Vicinity of Walsh St. in Battle Creek
Mold on cement block walls in basement.
Vicinity of Keathley Drive in Battle Creek
I'm interested in installing an egress window
Vicinity of North Avenue in Battle Creek
Concrete contractor caused damage to foundation when hit house with bobcat.
Vicinity of Capital Ave SW in Battle Creek
We have a home that the foundation looks to be buckling a bit. Would like an estimate on having it repaired.
Vicinity of Logans Run in Battle Creek
We have a crack in our basement/foundation that leaks water when we have a heavy rain. It's located either near or due to the position of our fuse box in the basement.
Vicinity of CHALMERS DR in Battle Creek
We have existing basement windows that are small and do not meet egress requirements. We are looking to have an entire egress window/well installed to meet egress requirements.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
I've noticed different water stains, crumbling between concrete blocks, moisture at the bottom of the blocks AMD moist spots on the concrete floor.
Vicinity of Roxbury Lane in Battle Creek
My basement is painted I noticed pealing paint on roughly 6 concrete blocks when I went to pull the paint spots off the blocks appeared to crumble in a small area of the surface. Not sure if it was due to the old paint or a bigger issue.
Vicinity of Brunswick Drive in Battle Creek
Finished crawlspace whose foundation blocks were incorrectly installed allows water to seep in.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Patio slab is sinking in the middle. No steel added during construction apparently. 14 x 14 roughly
Vicinity of Creek Valley Cr in Battle Creek
I have a modular home that had a sewage leak. The area was cleaned and the plumbing was fixed. Now I need the insulation replaced to that area and the vapor barrier replaced.
Vicinity of Wanondoger Trl in Battle Creek
I need driveway leveling, if possible some concrete stair repair as well. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Kistler Rd in Battle Creek
Concrete in driveway and one section of sidewalk have shifted.
Vicinity of S Moorland Drive in Battle Creek
We are moving into a new house on June 28th. Based on our home inspection we were advised to have a moisture/vapor barrier installed in the crawl space. Morgan Damron referred us to your company. We are looking for an estimate. Thank you. Carrie Voegler
Vicinity of E Baseline Road in Battle Creek
We would like an egress window in our basement.
Vicinity of Capercaillie Lane in Battle Creek
Entry sidewalk, and sidewalk around the garage each have 1 sunken section. Each range from 1 to 2 inch lips.
Vicinity of McAllister Rd in Battle Creek
Sections of driveway in front of house have settled and slope towards house. Same with 16x30 concrete patio in back of house. Would like quote for both and individually.
Vicinity of Adams Road in Battle Creek
Need quote on concrete lifting along apron in front of garage. Also have pool deck where two to three slabs need to be raised.
Vicinity of Pine Lake Rd in Battle Creek
Help! We have a leak of some sorts in our basement and I got to be honest I am so sick of shopvacing! Lol! It's been leaking over a week and I am pretty sure it isn't a pipe problem! Thank you
Vicinity of Brighton Park in Battle Creek
Basement odor, not insultated well, has had water in basement prior. cracks in floor, uneven floor in some areas
Vicinity of Collier Ave in Battle Creek
Basement leaks/floods when heavy rain or snow melting. I need to have the wall sealed and possibly fix mold in the basement.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
I have a baseboard drain system but water is still getting in.
Vicinity of Cedar Creek Dr in Battle Creek
Concrete lifting crack repair
Vicinity of Westchester in Battle Creek
Concrete lifting a protion of the driveway. Homeowner's name is Suzanne Gusching (girlfriend) We need a Monday or Friday estimate, any time during the day.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
I need an IMMEDIATE appraisal done on my basement repair. I have 7 days to get quotes turned in. Please contact me when you can come and do an evaluation on repair.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
We live on a high water table area and every time there's a lot of rain our basement (12'x24') winds up with several inches of water in it. My best guess is that it seeps up through the floor slab as I cannot find any other indications of water entry elsewhere. There is not a single pump in the basement and we use it mainly for storage and housing our hot water tank/boiler system...
Vicinity of Minges Rd W in Battle Creek
Wet basement
Vicinity of Valleyview Rd in Battle Creek
Basement foods with heavy rain, suspect foundation repair needed & interested in water proofing
Vicinity of Eastway Pl in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Wagner Drive in Battle Creek
Have a room in basement, needs an egress window to convert to a bedroom, and be able climb out in times of emergency
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Looking to get an estimate on waterproofing SE corner of basement. I have leaking that I noticed with last storm. Best time to contact in in the morning, 9 a.m to 1 p.m. thank you
Vicinity of Jericho Rd. in Battle Creek
S.W.A.T told me I need to get my basement sealed
Vicinity of White Rabbit Rd. in Battle Creek
The 2 front corners of my barn need lifting.
Vicinity of Laurel Dr. in Battle Creek
We would like someone to check out our house, as we've seen evidence of settling and would like the foundation checked. Our home sits on a hill and we had extensive work done last year on a new retaining wall. Since then we've noticed a number of changes to the home's interior - e.g. gaps in some areas, ceiling cracks getting a bit worse.
Vicinity of W Coolidge Ave in Battle Creek
I am looking to have the foundation repaired on my house. When it rains my basement leaks from the foundation.
Vicinity of Murray Ave in Battle Creek
Basement walls are bowing.
Vicinity of Stone Ave in Battle Creek
My basement has cracked walls and water leaks from outside from the windows in the basement
Vicinity of Wattles Rd S in Battle Creek
Water makes it into the crawl space because concrete slopes towards the house in a couple locations. Crawl space is unfinished with earth on the floor. Looks like mold is forming where water has spread. Do not see any kind of ventilation or any insulation.
Vicinity of C Dr North in Battle Creek
Water seeps up through the concret and where the wall meets the floor when the water table gets too high.
Vicinity of Minges Hills Drive in Battle Creek
Ayers finished waterproofing my entire basement on 12/1/17. I just go the drywall up and was painting and noticed water coming in from underneath the drywall. I need to have someone come out ASAP since I am already weeks behind where I need to be. I like you company and plan on using them in the future for concrete leveling so I hope that we can get this all figured out soon. Please call ASAP
Vicinity of Woodside in Battle Creek
Rained last night and have water coming underneath the walls.
Vicinity of W Halbert Rd in Battle Creek
Crawl Space, recently had plumbing burst and need estimate and perhaps even basement, all depends on estimate
Vicinity of Kistler Rd in Battle Creek
Partial basement about 5ft tall dirt flooring.a walkway splits 2 sides of basement for mechanical access, plumbing @ duct work
Vicinity of Easthill Dr in Battle Creek
Crawl space is cold in the winter which is making the floors cold.
Vicinity of S BROAD ST in Battle Creek
I have one corner of my basement that needs to be redone and I have another wall that is starting to come in some and I need to get it fixed my house is built in 1915 so I really need to get the structure stable. I was also wondering if it could be a insurance claim that could help to offset the cost.
Vicinity of Tennyson Ave in Battle Creek
Need to get my foundation of my house stabilized. It has settled quite a bit.
Vicinity of Pine Lake Road in Battle Creek
We need a sump pump and some way of keeping the spring thaw from coming in.
Vicinity of L Dr N in Battle Creek
We are renovating an old farmhouse, down to the studs with all new electric, water and drywall. We will have spray foam insulation but I worry about the current crawl space that is under out kitchen. It is full of dirt and rocks and we would like to be able to have access to it and keep moisture, critters, and smells away from the rest of the house. We are doing everything else with quality, we don't want any future potential problems due to the current nature of the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of East Michigan in Battle Creek
One wall has a section that is moving from gutters not working I need to know if it can be fixed and what the cost is
Vicinity of Wentworth Ave in Battle Creek
We would like to have the foundation checked. There are areas on the outside of the house that are cracking and showing wear and tear over the years, as it is an older house.
Vicinity of Minges Hills Drive in Battle Creek
Wall in basement where water seeps in when rains hard or for a long time.
Vicinity of Stone Street N. in Battle Creek
Our crawlspace is dirt and it seems damp down there. Also the floors above are always cold and do not what well.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
My driveway dropped about 1 1/2 inches in on spot. The driveway is about 12 ft across.
Vicinity of Sawyer Ave in Battle Creek
Bowing basement wall
Vicinity of Capital Ave Ne in Battle Creek
Sinking concrete porch and crack in poured basement wall.
Vicinity of Lakeside Dr S in Battle Creek
I've been instructed by an inspector that we need a vapor barrier in our basement crawl space.
Vicinity of Alvena in Battle Creek
Water entering basement around foundation
Vicinity of W. Spaulding Ave. in Battle Creek
Water is coming in my basement through the cinder block walls. The house was built in 1925. I need to know the best way to waterproof it.
Vicinity of N. Kendall St. in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Bradley Street in Battle Creek
Basement previously flooded. Cleaned out all window wells but want to be certain that the problem is contained before restoration clean up; assuming that clean up may not be a service Ayers provides.
Vicinity of Lynwood Drive in Battle Creek
Leaking garage foundation
Vicinity of E Michigan Ave in Battle Creek
Our business in downtown Battle Creek has a few leaks in the basement. One wall leaks often and we believe it has to do with the landscaping in the rear of the building. However, the front center part of the basement (road side) got wet half way down the floor during the last big rainfall a few weeks back.
Vicinity of Keith Drive in Battle Creek
Had a safety inspection completed on the home, It was recommended that a structural engineer evaluate the basement wall constructed of blocks, it appears to bow in slightly.
Vicinity of West Shore Dr. in Battle Creek
Basement wall cracked and is bowing out the wall is 37 feet long and is 7ft 4 inches high please call us ASAP thank you
Vicinity of Blue Heron Lae in Battle Creek
Wet spot in carpet in basement
Vicinity of W Hamilton Ln in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Deerview Ave in Battle Creek
My basement is filling with water but i cannot see from where
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
I have a cinder block foundation. I get puddles of water in my basement under the stairs after long rain periods. I also have deposits of mold on some areas of the basement walls. I just got a quote from Everdry for interior and exterior waterproofing project which will cost me $18,466. I want get obtain quote from Ayers for same project. I also want to know how much you require in terms of an initial deposit, what financing options are available.
Vicinity of Parkshore Dr in Battle Creek
We has had some recent leaks through the base of the chimney and would like a quote asap. Please call or text asap. Thank you.
Vicinity of Althea Ave. in Battle Creek
I've had two minor basement floods due to rain in the course of one week.. Discovered the second Sunday night.. Need professional advise and help.. The depth was approximately 1 inch.. There is wet carpet that needs removed I cannot carry it, I cut it in half pulled it away from framed wall.. There is also drywall damage.. Please help?
Vicinity of C Drive N in Battle Creek
If you would please contact me where we may be able to set something up that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Sharon
Vicinity of Oakvale Ct in Battle Creek
Concrete patio has sunk and is not level. Looking for a quote to raise the concrete patio. Concrete patio is approximately 9 feet 3 inches in length by 6 feet 3 inches wide. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Minges Hills Dr in Battle Creek
I have some lifted/sunken slabs on my driveway. I would like to get the slabs leveled and cracks caulked
Vicinity of Verona Road in Battle Creek
Estimate for crawl space
Vicinity of Canright St in Battle Creek
Need french drain installed in basement
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
I have a partial finished basement. There is a partial side of two walls that is slowing leaking when there's heavy rain.
Vicinity of Clear Lake Rd in Battle Creek
Front concrete steps to house are not level by about 2-3 inches. Have been this way since I bought the house 8 years ago and the steps have not sunk further. Would like quote on raising steps
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
No concerns right now, just trying to get an estimate to have an egress window put in
Vicinity of W.River Rd in Battle Creek
Part of my house not insulated on floor, it was an addition built poorly years ago. The back part of my house is basically sitting over the ground with no insulation between raw ground and floor. Pretty small crawl space access from basement steps looking to control humidity and heat at this point very cold in winter and hot in summer in back of the house.
Vicinity of Kingman Ave West in Battle Creek
I live in a 1920's home with a Michigan basement. The basement is damp, moldy smelling, and seems to be a haven for insects to die. There is some water seeping through and causing watermarks on the walls. I would like for this space to be clean, healthy, and usable for storage. Our main living area room floors are also freezing in the winter.
Vicinity of E.Minges RD in Battle Creek
I have inherited a house with a michigan basement. There is currently a corner that has a chunk cut out of it. Also, when it rains it seeps through the walls.
Vicinity of Sweetheart Lane in Battle Creek
During a heavy rain our basement wall on the south side has water seeping through the cracks in the wall. Can you help?
Vicinity of Gordon Blvd in Battle Creek
I need repair or replacement of my basement floors and foundation walls as well as waterproofing them. I need to have a sump installed and possibly a well dug. I need the mold removed too. I also need my stack-to-city sewer piping replaced from iron to pvc.
Vicinity of Deerview Ave in Battle Creek
Installing Egress windows
Vicinity of Saratoga Avenue in Battle Creek
We purchased a home that has a bowed block wall foundation such as in your sample photos and also has been leaking.
Vicinity of Jennings Rd in Battle Creek
We have a crawl space below the kitchen and the kitchen is consistently cold in the winter. Would like to have someone come look at our crawl space to provide their opinion on if your services can help and provide an estimate on the cost.
Vicinity of Easthill Dr. in Battle Creek
I would like an estimate to cut out an 72" by 48" opening for an egress window in my basement.
Vicinity of Aberdeen in Battle Creek
Horizontal crack on bowing basement wall approx. 18' on 32' wall cement block 50+ years old
Vicinity of Sterling Ct in Battle Creek
I'm interested in an estimate for having parts of my driveway lifted. A few segments have settled/sunk down from the garage and house foundation. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Need work done on Michigan basement, walls, ceiling insulation etc.
Vicinity of Chestnut St. in Battle Creek
A couple of cracks in the basement walls. Small amount of mold. Small area of basement needs to be sealed off.
Vicinity of Boyes Dr in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Elsinore Lane in Battle Creek
Crack in wall.
Vicinity of Tiffany Lane in Battle Creek
We have two locations in our basement where water appears to be leaking into the house.
Vicinity of St. Marys Lake Road in Battle Creek
We have approximately four "slabs" of concrete around our pool area that need leveling as well as an area near our garage. Do you come to our area? Would you be able to give us an estimate for the work?
Vicinity of Huntington Rd. in Battle Creek
Please let me know when you are available to look at my basement leak. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Battle Creek
Need concrete around pool leveled and joints sealed
Vicinity of Baldwin Ave., E in Battle Creek
Wet Spots on Basement floor.
Vicinity of Green Ridge Blvd in Battle Creek
Water leaking in basement at the foundation
Vicinity of Woodrow Ave S in Battle Creek
My concrete driveway "slabs" have settled in places causing an uneven surface. I would like to get a cost estimate on repairing the driveway.
Vicinity of Pheasant Run in Battle Creek
Just finished basement, now exterior water coming in.
Vicinity of W Goguac in Battle Creek
Very damp basement in summer. Has flooded due to ground water during heavy rain. potential rotten posts.
Vicinity of Jones Road in Battle Creek
We have a finished basement with laminate flooring. We have had issues with water getting into the basement and ruining the flooring. We would like to determine the location of the water entry and eliminate it.
Vicinity of Ridgeview in Battle Creek
We have water leaking in a storage room in the basement - it runs down the walls when it's pouring outside. We had several people come look at it, and consensus was that installing a french drain was the best solution. $3,000 later - that did not work. We heard about you from our neighbors and are interested in hearing your take on a solution...
Vicinity of Singletree Lane in Battle Creek
Musty odors in basement and upstairs in family room. House has full basement, but FR was add on, has a dirt floor.
Vicinity of W. Sunset Blvd in Battle Creek
I have a lower level garage that the bottom row of blocks is constantly wet.
Vicinity of Verona in Battle Creek
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of S. Ridgeway in Battle Creek
Wet Basement when it rains. I put up new downspout extentions and the rain is still coming in the basement. Basement partially finished.
Vicinity of Keathey Dr in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Burrows Road in Battle Creek
We had a large tree whose roots cause the sidewalk to sink and tip. We have removed the tree and want to repair the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Bedford Rd North in Battle Creek
I have a basement that needs to be water proofed, and a bowed wall that needs to be fixed. Can you help?
Vicinity of Shellenberger Ave. in Battle Creek
Vicinity of Bridgewood Drive in Battle Creek
I walked into my furnace room and there's about 1/2" of water in it.
Vicinity of N. Eastway Drive in Battle Creek
Small leakage of water in basement. wood is now wet (walls). need to seal it.
Vicinity of Beadle Lake Road in Battle Creek
Musty smell in house due to Crawl Space not having a vapor barrier. House is a Tri-level, so the Crawl space is accessed in the lower level of the house and lies beneath the middle section of the house (Living Room, Dinning Room, and Kitchen).
Vicinity of Riverside DR in Battle Creek
My crawl space is like a Michigan dirt basement and I think it is making my house smell. This house used to be a rental house and I just moved in a short time ago so I do not know why it smells. I just had a baby and would like to get it cleaned and encapsulated for his safety.
Vicinity of Westlake Woods in Battle Creek
I have found nsome floor and foundation concerns on a house that I am considering purchasing. In the walk out basement, one corner of concrete floor has a long crack, and the outside corner shows some cracks in the block, coner seems to have settled. als the back of the garage and house has been undermined by apparently some animals, foundation has settled, blocks and stone above shows seperation and drooping. would like to get an estimate on this, and know if it can be corrected, within reason.
Vicinity of W Spaulding Avenue in Battle Creek
Crawl space is our biggest concern.
Vicinity of Woodrow Avenue N in Battle Creek
My husband and I are interested in getting a quote to find out what it might cost for basement refinishing in our home.
Vicinity of Boyd Street in Battle Creek
Would like a estimate on time and cost of a basement repair, foundation seems to be buckling, making the floors bow. The address above is my personal address not where the issue is. When we set up a time I will give the address of property. Thank you....
Vicinity of W Hamilton Ln in Battle Creek
Brick bottom of chimney in basement allowing ground water through during periods of extreme rain. Home built in 1952 and looking to stop this seepage of water. Please give me a call. Thanks!
Vicinity of Pheasant Run in Battle Creek
Our basement flooded recently due to seeping ground water. We are looking for options to prevent this from happening again before we re-finish the space.
Vicinity of Oriole Drive in Battle Creek
I would like a waterproofing estimate.
Vicinity of Wiltshire Ave in Battle Creek
I need to get an estimate to water proof my basement. I do not have any flooding problems but my block walls have many areas where the grout has turned to sand from the leakes over the years.