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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Basement Water Drainage in a Battle Creek, MI Home

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Our friend Brenda in Battle Creek, MI began experiencing water seepage where the wall meets the floor, and also through her basement floor. This problem is often due to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic Pressure refers to water pressure and is a major cause of basement water problems. Water weighs slightly more than 60lbs. per cubic foot. If the soil around your basement becomes saturated with water, there could be tens of thousands of pounds of hydrostatic pressure against your foundation.

Upon receiving Brenda’s call for help, we examined the issues in her basement and recommended WaterGuard to remedy the problem. Installed along the home's footing, beneath the concrete, WaterGuard collects water along the base of the perimeter walls and safely directs it to a sump pump for removal from the home. Additionally, we installed a Triple Safe sump pump to enhance the function of the WaterGuard. TripleSafe is a safeguard feature that includes the use of three pumps to ensure this basement will stay dry, even in power outages and severe weather events. In the case of heavy water or primary pump failure, the second and more powerful pump will kick in, if there is a power outage the battery powered UltraSump will take over. With this installment, the water issues that have plagued Brenda’s basement should surely be a thing of the past.

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