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Don't Wait, We Work Year Round

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Temperatures have dropped and snow sticks to the ground which can only mean one thing- winter is here. Michigan's winters can be hard on us, as well as our houses since he changes in the environment can result in damage to your house. 


While a lot of homeowners think that work, especially foundation repair, on their home needs to wait, they are wrong! Not only do we offer all of our services- except concrete repair - this time of year, but it is a great time to get the work done!  


Easier Scheduling 


Since we work all year, we always have crews out doing work, but some seasons are less busy than others. Spring and fall tend to be the busiest when there is more rainfall. Scheduling your project in the winter means a shorter wait time to get an appointment and have the work done. 


Prepared for Spring Weather 


The ground right now is still frozen, meaning the soil doesn't move and the water within the soil affects your house a little less. Once spring comes, and the ground thaws, the soil and water move around and cause issues. This could cause bowing walls, sinking foundations, and water to enter the crawl space or basement. If you take care of it now, don’t have to dread what’s going to happen next. 


Be Ready for Summer and Holidays


If you have been wanting to get your basement finished so you can use it for extra storage, rooms, or common space but know you must get some issues fixed first, now is the time. Get the water issues fixed, straighten the leaning wall, or install the egress window so that the space is ready before kids are out for the summer and family comes around for the holidays. 


You are not alone in thinking any work that might involve digging into the ground needs to be put off until the weather is nice, and the ground is thawed. But we are here to tell you that you don’t have to wait and can still get your home issues resolved no matter the weather. Our team is knowledgeable and uses the right equipment so that we can help you get and keep your home safe all year round!  

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