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Cold Air Outside Could Mean Cold Floors Inside

Cold Air Outside Leads to Cold Floors Inside - Image 1


Winter is in full swing and while we are not covered in snow, it has brought cooler temperatures. Drops in the temperature outside mean drops in the temperature inside your basement or crawl space too. Due to the stack effect, the air outside the home makes its way inside. Have you noticed cooler floors or areas in the home feeling chilly even though you keep turning the heat up? The stack effect and your basement or crawl space are to blame.  


You need insulation to combat this and keep your home warm this winter, you need insulation. Not just any insulation, however, you need the right insulation. The traditional fluffy pink, fiberglass insulation is often used in all areas of the home, but it is a poor choice for areas that are prone to high moisture like your basement or crawl space. This type of insulation absorbs moisture making it less effective in insulating the home as well as allowing mold to grow.  


Don’t think that all hope is lost, because we offer a variety of products to insulate your home that also works with your waterproofing system. These products are inorganic and waterproof which means they won’t break down due to moisture or harbor mold.  


Insulating your basement or crawl space will make your home more comfortable but it will also lower your energy bills, saving you money. Don’t deal with having cold feet all winter, schedule a free inspection today to learn about your options for a warmer home!  

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