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Halloween Horror or Your Crawl Space?

It is that time of the year when spooky, creepy things are everywhere, including in the depths of your home. While in horror movies, characters can run upstairs to escape their killers, homeowners cannot run up the stairs to get away from the horror of their crawl space. Crawl spaces are cold, damp, poorly lit, and possibly hiding a few critters which make the perfect setting for a slasher movie. We've seen everything from moldy spiders to mice in the open crawl spaces we’ve ventured into. And while they weren’t brought back to life by an ancient Indian burial ground, finding these creepy crawlies was more than enough reason for the owners to give us a call. Halloween Horror or Your Crawl Space? - Image 1


Luckily, we can help keep unwanted things out of your crawl space, but in case you were hoping for a battle between a Halloween monster and an unsuspecting character, you will be disappointed.  


Our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier is an encapsulation with the potential to solve almost all your crawl space issues. The barrier is a waterproof liner that keeps out moisture, won’t allow mold to grow, keeps out creepy crawlies, and won't allow cold air to enter the home. The encapsulations can cover and protect all areas of the crawl space, like Christian Bale draping his furniture in American Psycho.  


Halloween Horror or Your Crawl Space? - Image 2


We admit that the CleanSpace solution isn’t very flashy, but it is dependable. Not only will it keep out the main causes of mold – moisture and humidity – it’s guaranteed to last through the crawling involved during regular maintenance or when it’s used as an escape route out of the house. The one-time installation is the perfect solution for your unprotected crawl space, no sequels or reboots necessary. So, this Halloween call Ayers Basement Systems and treat yourself to the best Crawl Space solution around because the original is always better. 

Halloween Horror or Your Crawl Space? - Image 3

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