It's National Cleaning Week!

Monday, March 25th, 2019 by Amanda Waldmann

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It’s National Cleaning Week! (Hey, not every made up holiday can be as cool as Pi Day). So let’s talk about what you can do at every level of your home to bring it out of hibernation and get it clean and shiny for summer.



You may not think about cleaning your attic, but spending a little time up there could affect your whole house. Spring is a great time to check for roof leaks, with the steady influx of rain, and those are going to be most visible in your attic. Look for water stains on beams and even boxes that you may have stored up there, and get your nose ready to check for signs of mold and mildew.

Next, it’s time to dust! Get a duster on an extendable handle and give everything up there a good once-over. This will not only make it a little easier to go up there in the future, but lessen the amount of dust moving through your home.


Main Floor(s)

Whether you have multiple levels or live in a ranch, the main living space in your home could always use some attention once spring comes. To start, you should change the filter on your HVAC system. After a long winter of working hard to heat your home, filters get worn out and can start doing more harm than good as the accumulated dust gets circulated by the fans.

Speaking of dust, it’s time to dust again! Start from the top down with ceiling fans and trim, and finish off with a thorough vacuuming. If you have carpet, this is a great time to break out (or rent) a steam cleaner.

While you’re vacuuming the baseboards, check and make sure there aren’t any new gaps between them and the floors - this can be a sign of foundation problems.


Basement/Crawl Space


You didn’t think we’d get through a blog without talking about what’s under your home, did you? Taking proper care of your basement or crawl space can actually save you time cleaning the rest of your home. It’s all about conditioned air and the stack effect.

Cold air enters your home through the basement or crawl space and, as it warms, rises up through the house via your HVAC system and natural gaps in joists, floorboards, etc. So if your basement/crawl space is dirty, damp or moldy? Then that’s what you’ll send up through your home.

Proper, waterproof insulation is vital to protecting your basement or crawl space. So is addressing any water problems; we have a full line of waterproofing products and systems that can dry out even the toughest basement. A dehumidifier is also key for areas with water issues, as it helps keep them dry and free of mold.

Waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation can create clean, conditioned space in place of dirty, wet areas, which means the air moving through your home will be cleaner. Cleaner air leads to less dusting and less cleaning throughout your home.


To celebrate National Cleaning Week, call and schedule your free inspection so next year it isn’t as difficult.


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