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No Space in Your Crawl Space? We Can Still Help

Do you feel your crawl space is too small to cause problems for your home?

Is your crawl space too small to have a professional assess and fix any problems it's causing?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, I'm sorry to ruin your day, but you're wrong.

For one thing, even the smallest crawl space can be a harbinger of doom, allowing ambient moisture and groundwater to cause mold problems and rotting support beams. This makes the floors in your home susceptible to sagging, causes a multitude of weird smells, and runs up your energy bills as you try to compensate for heat or cold air lost through the floor to the crawl space.

If you've noticed problems like those mentioned above, it's vital for you to have your crawl space checked out, and likely encapsulated, to protect your home.

But if the crawl space is small enough for you to think it can't be a problem, it's probably also small enough for you to think that there's no way we can get inside of it to assess and repair it.

Maybe...this small?

tiny crawl space entrance

Or perhaps a little smaller?

No Space in Your Crawl Space We Can Still Help - Image 2


It's true that these are both very small crawl space access doors, but they're also both from recent jobs we have successfully completed.

tiny crawl space before


tiny crawl space after


It's important to tell us if your crawl space is very small, or if the access door is particularly small. But that's only so we send the right System Design Specialist, Project Manager, or Service Technician. Just last week one of our System Design Specialists got stuck in a crawl space because we weren't aware that the crawl space narrowed drastically just beyond the window entrance.

There may not be a such thing as a crawl space too small, but we do have to send someone who can fit! 

So if your floors are cold, slanting, or sagging, or you notice some funky smells, call us, and we'll get your crawl space dry! We proudly serve Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Elkhart, Battle Creek, South Bend, Muskegon, Mount Pleasant, Traverse City, Jackson and nearby areas.

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