Ayers Basement Systems Case Studies: CleanSpace Saves Crawl Space in New Home Purchase

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 by Amanda Waldmann


Jessie called us from Jackson with a pretty common, but stressful, problem. Her new home - particularly the crawl space - had...an odor. That's the pleasant way she described it, at least. There was no water in the crawl space, but there likely had been at some point before she moved in a week prior, and she wanted the smell gone.

She warned us that the crawl space was pretty small, and also had lots of twists and turns and a generally bumpy topography, but details like that don't bother us - this is what we do.


We sent Jessie our Crawl Space Science book so she would know both what to expect and what she wanted more information about, and System Design Specialist Ken Breitner did her evaluation, walking her through the problems and solutions.

After regrading the floor of the crawl space to make the space both larger (no dirt hills!) and safer to walk on, we installed the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier system with drainage matting. The drainage matting will allow any ambient moisture that collects the space to condense and drain away while the CleanSpace keeps the crawl space dry and protected.

Finally, in order to keep the crawl space and the house above it protected from the cold ground, we installed Silver-Glo insulation panels. This will prevent the dreaded - and totally preventable - cold floors.

With the addition of our CleanSpace vapor barrier system, Jessie was able to spend Thanksgiving headache-free in her new home.

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