Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Marshall, MI
Vicinity of Hill Road in Marshall
My basement if full of water
Vicinity of S Marshall in Marshall
Vicinity of East Mansion Street in Marshall
Need crawl space encapsulation for a old house in Marshall MI
Vicinity of High Street in Marshall
I need some corner foundation and corner wetness work done
Vicinity of Allison Dr in Marshall
I have a front and rear porch that has settled and I would like to fix. Pleaase give me an estimate.
Vicinity of North Mulberry Street in Marshall
Estimate re Crawl space - moisture, mold, soil, insulation, ventilation, etc.
Vicinity of G Drive N in Marshall
Moisture found after taking carpet out of basement on one wall
Vicinity of South Kalamazoo Ave in Marshall
Vicinity of Okeefe in Marshall
We have a vertical/diagonal crack in our poured foundation wall that is letting water into the unfinished area of our basement whenever there is a heavy rain or large thawing of snow. We bought our home 20 months ago and there was no comment in the home inspection and neither my husband nor I saw any sign of a crack then. The crack is not very wide (maybe 1/16th) and the sides of the cracks are even (flush). It is in the middle of the longest wall of the basement and somewhat "stair-steps" the from top (ceiling) to bottom.
Vicinity of N Kalamazoo Ave in Marshall
We have had a few new small cracks pop up in our historic home (1905) and just want someone to take a look at what is going on to see if something should be done. Thank you.
Vicinity of E. Mansion in Marshall
This is a very old building (a Performing Arts Theatre) located in Marshall Michigan. We have an area in the basement that has water on the floor but also sometimes on the wall, especially after a heavy rain.
Vicinity of N. Eagle St. in Marshall
I have a small section of concrete wall under a bathroom with a crawl space that is leaning out.I think the wall has split in two and the outer section is pushing out.
Vicinity of N. Marshall Ave. in Marshall
We have a leak in our basement around a basement window that is under the a deck. We caulked the window, but we are still having water and possibly mold issues. The room that has the leak is a finished area with drywall. The drywall is starting to show signs of mold and stains.
Vicinity of East Drive in Marshall
Have a crack in poured basement wall.
Vicinity of S. Mulberry St> in Marshall
Need someone to klook at two areas where foundation had been washng away.
Vicinity of D Drive South in Marshall
Would like to get a quote on waterproofing and vapor barrier in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Peter Pan Lane in Marshall
I have a finished basement that has had water come in through the floor during two of the last three years. The only time this happens is when the water table increases such that it is coming in thru the saw cuts in the middle of the floor, it does not come in at the walls.
Vicinity of E Spruce St. in Marshall
During heavy rainfalls or heavy snow melts, water comes up through cracks in my basement floor and making puddles. I have never had flooding just these nasty puddles and having to use our carpet cleaner to suck up the water. On the most recent event we had a two inch rainfall in less than an hour and we had to spend several hours sucking it up off the cement floor. (No carpeting.) The water stopped coming in in less than 24 hours. We sucked up the water off and on during that time and had to empty the carpet cleaner about 30 to 40 times. The basement had your system or one similar to your "Water Guard" installed by a previous owner on the entire interior perimeter but does not have a sump pump. I don't understand why there is no sump pump. I'm wondering if a sump pump would solve our problem? Any help you can give us would be appreciated.