Work Requests in Ludington

Ayers Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ludington. Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems's recent work requests in Ludington and nearby areas!

Learn more about Ayers Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ludington, MI
Vicinity of S Staffon in Ludington
Seeping through concrete basement walls.
Vicinity of E. Filburn Rd. in Ludington
5 feet crawl space incapulation needed....
Vicinity of in Ludington
Area of interest approx 12x16 crawl space 4-5 feet high. Under are of floor needs insulation . Like to get a few ideas what may be done to improve that area. Thanks
Vicinity of S. Brye Rd in Ludington
We have a basement that gets standing water in the spring and heavy rain. Weare looking for a price on getting this resolved. It is 1500 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Abrahamson Rd in Ludington
Damp basement and no sump pump
Vicinity of E Maple St in Ludington
I have a concrete block foundation and one of the walls is bowing. I would like to finish my basement and need to get the wall repaired first.
Vicinity of W. Hawley in Ludington
Wood basement that is leaking; mold problem the wood basement has been in for approximatley 20 years.
Vicinity of N. Emily St. in Ludington
We would like to schedule a free estimate at a home that we will be putting an offer in on. This home has had water damage in the basement that was professionally cleaned in 2004, but continues to have a water leakage. The home sits on a sandy foundation and is 1800 square feet. The home has the drywall cut and removed throughout the basement four feet above the cement floor. There are three sump pumps, but no floor drainage tile. The basement does have some mold again. We would like to schedule an inspection sometime this week. Please contact me at the above phone number.
Vicinity of in Ludington
Periodic water in basement. Especially in the spring and after moderate rain.
Vicinity of W. Riverview Dr. in Ludington
Hi! We bought our home last fall. It has an approx. 3 foot crawlspace with sandy earth floor. There is a very musty odors in the warmer temperatures. Can smell it in house. We'd like to know about options to reduce odors and allergens and also provide better insulation. Thanks!
Vicinity of N Lakeshore in Ludington
THIRD REQUEST please. Does your insulation qualify for the new Federal Tax Energy Credits?? Thank you.
Vicinity of N Lakeshore in Ludington
Hi. We had an estimate yesterday, Tim, was very nice. We missed a question - does the crawl space encapsulation qualify for 2009 energy tax credit? We need a Manufacturers Certification Statement. Thank you.
Vicinity of N. Lakeshore in Ludington
I have a second home on Hamlin lake.condtructed in the 1920's, tight crawl space damp. do you cover Ludington ( if not please send referral) square footage of house 800-900 sq ft. Crawl space sometimes gets wet. Let me know if you are interested ,Thanks Bob
Vicinity of N RidgeView Ct in Ludington
Need to know where the dealers are located in Michigan. ASAP. Thank you.