Concrete Lifting and Leveling Case Studies: PolyLevel Restores Sunken Plainwell, MI Driveway

Monday, August 6th, 2018 by Brittany Gutman


This home was experiencing an all too common problem, which is a sunken driveway. The driveway had sunk around 1-2 inches, especially in front of the garage. The homeowner wanted to raise the driveway back to its original position so that it would meet the garage floor. The driveway was mud jacked a few years ago, although the problem was not permanently fixed. 


To raise the driveway and prevent future issues, we installed the PolyLevel system. This system uses lightweight polymers that expand and raise the concrete slab back to its original position. To start this installation we drilled multiple small holes that are smaller than a penny. The holes were then filled with the high-density polymers and the cure time was only about 15 minutes. The mudjacking done to this slab in the past pumped heavy concrete into the holes, which caused it to sink again because the soil underneath was unable to hole the heavy slab. The lightweight polymers in PolyLevel makes sure the problem is fixed once and for all. 

Project Summary

Project Foreman: Ryan Renfroe

Products Installed: PolyLevel

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