Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Water And Structural Issues Addressed In Lansing, MI Basement

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This homeowner had some water weeping in to the basement every spring through the cracks in the wall. This year the water began to pick up all over the basement. Something needed to be done to make sure this didn't become an even bigger problem. Additionally, roots from a tree had caused one wall to bow. The signs were very evident as there was horizontal and vertical cracking in the block walls. The good news is that we had solutions for both problems. First, we installed our WaterGuard perimeter drainage sytem around the perimeter walls. This french drain system sits below the concrete and captures water as it enters the home, directing it safely and discretely to the new SuperSump system. PowerBraces were installed along the bowing wall to prevent any futher movement and potentially improve the condition of the wall over time. These are galvanized steel I beams with a unique tightening system. The bowing wall is now supported and the water is being safely captured and removed from the home. All worries about this basement have now been lifted.

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