Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Wet Basement Sentry Sealed Around Landscaping In Kalamazoo, MI

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This basement was experiencing a couple of issues as far as rainwater getting in. A crack along the basement stairs was allowing water to seep in. Water was also making its way in around the electrical panel. We were able to help waterproof this basement in a couple of different ways. We hand-dug carefully on the outside of the home along the electrical line to expose where the electrical conduit entered the building and we applied a sealant around that conduit to prevent water from getting in there. The more difficult task was applying sentry seal along the other wall in question. The wall had a great deal of landscaping around it. We deconstructed that landscaping and excavated along the wall. This allowed us to clean and prepare the side of the structure, apply the sentry seal, place foam insulation over top, and prepare the footer drain along the base of the basement wall. The downspout runoff was also buried. All water runoff was directed to an area of the yard a large distance from the home. We then backfilled the trench along the home and replaced the landscaping as it was. These homeowners should now see a much dryer basement and less moisture sitting close to the home where it can potentially lead to further issues.

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