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Photo Album: Wall Anchors Support Retaining Wall in Jackson, MI

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Phyllis, our friend in Jackson, MI began noticing that the old retaining wall next to her home was progressively bowing into her back yard. One morning Phyllis heard a loud noise outside her home, she went running outside to find her retaining wall had completely collapsed. Needing help from her local foundation experts, Phyllis called us! We quickly came to her home and removed the fallen remnants of her old wall. We then built her a brand-new retaining wall and elected to support it with two wall anchors, so Phyllis wouldn’t have this problem again. Wall anchors are perfect for returning a wall back to its original position and reinforcing it. We stabilize the wall with a steel rod that runs from the wall anchor to an anchor placed on the other side of the wall. Once we place the plates, we have permanently stabilized the wall. With this new supported retaining wall in place, Phyllis can rest assured knowing her new retaining wall will never collapse.

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