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This basement had water coming in at the cove joint, where the floor and the walls meet. Its a common entry point due to hydrostatic pressure, that is, when water builds up in the ground the weight of the water itself creates a pressure that forces it to work through that seam. The best way to stop the problem is from the inside. WaterGuard, a french drain system installed along the home's footer, was the answer in this case. To install WaterGuard, concrete is removed along the perimeter walls and the drain is set along the footer. Drainage stone is filled in around it and concrete is replaced over top. The drain system carries water to a sump system for safe removal from the home. In this case, we installed a sump system equipped with a back-up pump that runs off its own marine-style battery. This ensures that when the power goes out, the pump wil still run reliably, keeping this basement dry at all times.

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