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Signs of Foundation Failure

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No homeowner wants to deal with home issues, but they are more common than people think. Identifying certain problems in your basement or crawl space, like standing water or weird smells, is easy. Since foundation problems usually start below the home itself, people think that the problem cannot be identified until it’s too late. So how do you identify foundation problems before they get too severe? Lucky for you we are going to talk about some warning signs of foundation problems you can look for in your home! 


Sticking Doors and Windows 

Have you noticed that you have to put in some extra effort when you are opening and closing doors or windows in your home? Well, your foundation could be to blame. Sections of your foundation can sink into the soil around the home. This causes the walls to shift, which changes the alignment of the home.  


Wall Cracks 

Cracks come in a variety of types, including stair-step and horizontal, which can be found on the foundation wall. We want to focus on the cracks that you will see upstairs in your home like diagonal cracks that can be found on corners around doors or windowsA sinking foundation will pull down on the wall causing a crack to form at the separation point. Cracks can be either a sign of foundation movement or standard construction cracks but it’s best to have a professional come out to inspect any cracks you find, just in case! 


Sloping Floors 

Similar to a sinking foundation pulling down on your walls, it can pull down the floors as well. A new slant in your floors can be found in a single room or throughout the house, depending on where the foundation was sinking. You may notice simple effects like kitchen drawers or cabinets falling open or it may be as obvious as an office chair constantly rolling across the room.  



This last sign might sound vague, but it’s meant to be. If your house isn’t brand new and you notice any kind of gap that didn’t use to be there you may be dealing with a foundation issue. Common gaps can be found between the baseboard and the floor, around windows and doors, around the chimney, and outside where your front porch meets your house. 


Foundation problems can be scary, but no need to worry because they are also fixable! Stay aware and if you come across any of these situations in your home, you can call us for a free inspection or get more information here.  

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