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Needing Extra Space for the Holidays? Look To Your Basement

Needing Extra Space for the Holidays? Look To Your Basement - Image 1

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year...oh my! All of these holidays mean parties and if you are the hostess, you may feel like your home has no space for everyone. Well, the basement that you don't like to go in and goes unused is a great space to use for hosting the out-of-town family members that are staying with you for the holidays or gives you the extra space you need for holiday parties.


There is a way for you to get a finished, functional basement and the key is to get it finished right. Adding dry wall and carpet to a space that is already damp, is not the permanent solution you’re looking for. We have options to achieve a finished, waterproof basement.



A finished basement with drywall and carpeting can look very appealing, but do not be fooled. Water flooding into the space can ruin both since neither drywall nor carpet is waterproof and the moisture could cause them to break down over time. Our WaterGuard drain system is the perfect long-term solution for your basement. It collects the water that may seep in from the floor and walls and will send it to the sump pump. The drain goes around your perimeter and under the floor so it won't mess with the finished look. 




 Wood panels are popular in older homes but can harbor mold once they get wet and are a headache after a flood. To keep the space dry and safe from mold, we suggest installing inorganic and waterproof wall panels. Our Brightwall panels work together with our WaterGuard system to capture and channel water to the sump pump. It also provides extra insulation to the basement since it separates the cold wall from the space. 



 Carpet is flooring but it gets soaked if water gets in the basement and it is organic material so it could harbor mold. We offer ThermalDry floor tiles which come in different options like carpet or laminate flooring. The tiles are inorganic, waterproof, and you can easily replace a damaged tile rather than redoing the whole floor. An added benefit to these tiles, they are a few degrees warmer than other basement flooring options!


Water intrusion happens in so many homes, but you can plan ahead and set yourself up for success. Finishing your basement with a basement company makes more sense now doesn’t it? Get a free inspection, learn about your options, and prepare to finally have extra space for the holidays!  

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