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Are the Wood Panels in Your Basement Hiding Mold?

Are the Wood Panels in Your Basement Hiding Mold? - Image 1


Homes with basements that were finished in the '50s-'80s most likely have wood paneling on the walls since that was THE look at the time. Most people don't know that there are problems with wood paneling in basements: it could hide mold and allow the mold to thrive at the same time.


Mold needs a couple of things to thrive, organic materials and water. Organic materials, like wood, feed the mold and you mix that with the water/humidity that is present in most basements and you have the perfect environment for mold to grow.


While growing mold is bad, hiding it is just as bad. Since water comes in through the foundation walls, it gets trapped between the wall and the paneling causing the mold to grow there. Since all this is going on behind 'the scenes', mold is taking over your basement while you are unaware and going about your daily life. 


If you are experiencing warping walls, musty smells, humidity, or damp carpet/water stains on the concrete floor in your wood-paneled basement, give us a call!

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