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How Do I Know if My Home is Experiencing Street Creep?


How Do I Know if My Home is Experiencing Street Creep? - Image 1


Before I talk about how street creep can affect your foundation, you are probably wondering what street creep is.


Well, Street creep is a foundation problem that is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete around your home. Concrete expands when it's hot and contracts when it's cold. Expansion joints are placed in sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete slabs to allow for the expansion or contraction of the concrete separately which reduces cracking. Over time, the expansion joints may fail due to cracking or being filled with things like pebbles or debris. When that happens, the concrete will expand into the garage slab which in turn pushes against your home's foundation, causing damage. 


There are a few key signs that you may be experiencing damage caused by street creep that we will talk about so you can be on the lookout to keep your home safe.


1) There is no space between the driveway and the garage.

2) Cracks in your garage slab and in the foundation wall behind the garage.

3) The foundation walls on the sides of the garage are bowing.

4) There are gaps around the foundation walls under the garage.


You do not have to worry if you are experiencing any of these signs, we have solutions to protect your home! Give us a call for a free, no-obligation inspection! 

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