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3 Signs of Water in a Finished Basement

3 Signs of Water in a Finished Basement - Image 1

One of the most aggravating problems you can deal with as a homeowner is a wet basement. But that gets a hundred times worse when your basement is finished. An inconvenience turns into an expensive nightmare quickly. 


The key to keeping damages low is spotting the water intrusion early; but finishings can also make that more difficult. The standard musty smells will be a huge sign, but here are a few other things to watch for.


Peeling Paint


Drywall can hide a lot of problems, but it can’t stop a water leak from peeling the paint off of it. If you notice bubbles or peeling, there’s likely water coming in through that wall. Note that peeling paint is also good to watch for if you have painted cinderblock walls in your unfinished basement.


Water Stains


Whether it’s wood paneling or drywall, carpet or laminate flooring, if you have water coming in it’ll leave signs. You might see a white residue and warped areas in wood paneling or laminate flooring, while carpet will get that shriveled look of something that got wet and then slowly air dried over and over.


Spongy Textures


Even if you can’t see anything in your finished basement, you may be able to feel it. Water coming through walls and the floor will soak anything in its way, and this may lead to a squishy, spongy feeling in drywall and that familiar squelch of walking on wet carpet.


What’s Next?


If you discover water problems in your finished basement, you should act immediately. Many common finishes aren’t water resistant and can start growing mold quickly. Calling a waterproofing professional like us lets us take over and save your furnishings as well as make sure this never happens again. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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