Your Crumbling Walls Can Be Saved

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 by Margot Cornelius

Your Crumbling Walls Can Be Saved - Image 1

Foundation wall collapse is rarely one of those moments you see coming. It is scary, sudden and in most cases, it can be LOUD! Last week we spoke about the proactive steps you can take to prevent wall collapse like checking for new cracks and paying attention to sticking doors upstairs. However, it is nearly impossible to predict when a complete collapse will happen. When a wall gives out you need someone on the scene immediately to shore up those walls for safety and then implement a permanent solution.

The conventional approach to wall collapse would be to pour new walls. This involves excavation, many days where your family must vacate the premises, and of course pouring and curing of new walls. This is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor which involves lifting your entire house.

Gone are the days where you had no options. Thanks to a revolution in foundation repair science, we now offer a cost-effective, durable and quick solution called Shotcrete. This method allows us to cast concrete in place on a pre-formed wall structure using a pressurized hose. Simply put: We build a framework for your new walls in front of the existing ones and then spray concrete on the frame to build new walls on site. These walls are structurally sound and don’t require your family to leave or your house to be raised.


If you’re standing in your basement and see light pouring in through your newly collapsed walls, then Shotcrete is for you! Give us a call to set up a free inspection and estimate and we’ll get your basement in order.


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