Got Cold Floors? Your Unsealed Crawl Space is to Blame

Friday, February 26th, 2021 by Margot Cornelius

Got Cold Floors? Your Unsealed Crawl Space is to Blame - Image 1

Do you have that one room in your home where you can’t seem to warm it up and the floors are freezing? Cold floors are more than just uncomfortable. They are a sign of problems below ground, most likely in your crawl space. Your crawl space is that area right below your living space like a “little basement”. Most crawl spaces have dirt walls and floors that allow cold air to seep into your home. Without any barrier in place, that cold air will keep those rooms above the crawl space cold and uncomfortable. 

Adding spray foam or fiberglass insulation below your floors does not provide the permanent, waterproof barrier between your home and the dirt. Your floors may seem warmer for a time, but the actual crawl space remains cold. Spray foam also obstructs access to plumbing or electrical wires should you need to do work down there. Fiberglass insulation is notorious for absorbing and trapping moisture which could lead to mold and rot. So these two options cause more harm than good.

The better, more permanent solution is to encapsulate your crawl space which involves installing an antimicrobial, thick CleanSpace liner on the floors and walls. This liner serves as a vapor barrier keeping moisture and cold air out of your crawl space and out of your home. We also add a drainage mat on the floor beneath the liner to collect any moisture and then channel it to your perimeter drain and sump pump.

You also have the option to add a dehumidifier in your newly encapsulated crawl space that keeps the air down there clean and dry. Our crew will also seal all crawl space vents that allow air and moisture in.

Encapsulating your crawl space will make your upstairs living area more comfortable, give your HVAC system a break, and lower your energy bills, which are no doubt racking up with an unsealed crawl space.

You don’t need to stay uncomfortable, we’re here to help.

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