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3 Ways to Increase Property Value in 2021

3 Ways to Increase Property Value in 2021 - Image 1

Moving is stressful. Whether a new job is taking you away, you’re thinking of downsizing, or you just want to set up your family’s inheritance, property value is a huge factor of selling your home and it can make or break your ability to live the life you want. But taking a few steps now can help make the process less painful and more profitable.


1. Address wall cracks


Almost nothing will turn off a prospective buyer, or tank your appraisal, like wall cracks. During the house hunting process, I once turned on my heel and walked right out of a house I otherwise liked because as we entered the basement I saw a large crack in the block wall. Whether you’re knowledgeable about foundation issues or not, the presence of a big crack in the concrete is concerning. 


While it’s true that some cracks are harmless (like hairline vertical cracks that can result from the foundation settling after the initial pour), there are many that aren’t. Getting a problematic crack and bowing wall repaired, or including evidence of having a harmless crack inspected, will give prospective buyers confidence in your home.


2. Address moisture


Above, I said “almost nothing” will turn off a buyer like a wall crack. The other situation that will? A wet basement. Anyone who’s ever walked downstairs into a wet or even damp basement knows *the smell* that comes over you in a wave and tells you something is wrong.


If you have regular water issues (during rain events, the spring thaw, etc.) it’s worth it to install a waterproofing system not only for future buyers, but for your current self. Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean you deserve to live with an unpleasant, smelly basement. Even if you don’t have standing water problems, a dehumidifier can improve every basement by keeping the natural humidity level controlled. 


3. Consider finishing 


If your basement isn’t finished, you’re throwing away up to a third of your potential living space. Not only will this automatically add to your property value (since homes are usually priced based on a dollar amount per square foot of finished living space) but you can enjoy it now, before you move.


If your basement is already finished, look around and see what you could improve. Do you have organic materials like wood paneling or carpet installed? Considering switching them out for waterproof, inorganic finishes to prevent water damage. And don’t forget that dehumidifier.


Whether you have known problems or just want peace of mind, and whether you’re moving in a month, a year, or some unknown time in the future, scheduling a free inspection will help you preserve and increase your property value and future security. Call today.

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