The Benefits of Working with a Local Contractor

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 by Amanda Waldmann

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Our customers frequently tell us that one of the reasons they chose to work with us is that we’re local. It’s important to work with a company that knows your area and is invested in your community, especially in a place like Michigan where we have so many different weather patterns and geological factors affecting homes.


If you think about it, in our service area of Michigan and northern Indiana, there are at least three different weather patterns occurring at any moment, and they all affect homes in different ways. The snow starts earlier in Traverse City and ends later in the spring than in Lansing; storms that roll in off of Lake Michigan may put Muskegon underwater while Mt. Pleasant stays dry. Benton Harbor and Michigan City could experience an early thaw while Grand Rapids is still icy. And that isn’t even counting the different soil compositions that lead to unique problems across the state (a topic for another day).


Some companies don’t know the quirks of their service area, and they don’t care. They have their headquarters and all of their employees are from one area and they get sent out to unfamiliar neighborhoods and implement the same solutions over and over. Leadership might not even live in the same state.


We aren’t like that.


We work where we live. While the warehouse is in Lansing, our system design specialists are scattered throughout Michigan and Indiana. They visit homeowners in their area - often in their own neighborhood - because they care about their block, their street, their city. They want to make it better. They want to see past customers in the grocery store and know they helped.


We know what to expect day to day because we’re here. When that bizarre earthquake hit the Kalamazoo area a few years ago, we knew to prepare for emergency foundation calls. When Indiana flooded one spring, we activated extra customer care representatives to help customers. When the dams broke in Midland, we sent our senior system design specialists.


We know that keeping a community alive, or revitalizing a struggling one, starts with the people there. Repairing homes restores pride and creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout families and neighborhoods; that starts with you, and with us.


Other companies may be able to provide a repair, but once you’ve given them your money will you see them again? Will they be accountable? Or will they be a generic voice that may be in a random call center across the country?


We pride ourselves on being a family owned, people first, Michigan based company that knows the good, the great, and the downright weird of life surrounded by lakes in the upper Midwest. And we would love to have you join the Ayers family. Call today to schedule your free inspection.


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