Creepy Crawly Crawl Space? We Can Help

Saturday, October 31st, 2020 by Amanda Waldmann

Halloween is a time for creepy, spooky, gross things. Scary movies get play on tv, every business (including us) posts some kind of altered logo to fit the theme, and kids run around dressed like ghosts, goblins, and anything else you could imagine. But there’s a time and a place for creepy crawlies, and that shouldn’t be in your crawl space.


One of the top reasons people call us for help with their crawl space is that they’re tired of some sort of critter getting in. Everything from spiders to raccoons can make a home down there after getting in through cracks in the foundation, and once they’re in the crawl space it isn’t difficult to make their way up into your home to hang out.


This is also the time of year you’re going to see the biggest influx of bugs as temperatures drop outside and they naturally head toward warmth and moisture. 


Maybe you have something simple, like spiders encased in mold hanging from your joists.

Creepy Crawly Crawl Space? We Can Help - Image 1


Or maybe you have something a little more unexpected, like crawfish hanging out under your waterfront home.

Creepy Crawly Crawl Space? We Can Help - Image 2


No matter which creepy crawly is making itself at home in your crawl space, there’s an easy way to banish it back outside. Encapsulating with CleanSpace seals your crawl space off from the outside and creates an air and water tight environment. This means that the air coming up into your home from your crawl space is clean and conditioned instead of at the mercy of dirt, mold, and unwelcome residents. Adding a SaniDry dehumidifier to reduce ambient moisture is another layer of protection, as dry spaces aren’t as attractive (added benefit - no mold).


Keep the critters where the belong - in your Halloween decorations. Call us to ask about crawl space encapsulation and find out what CleanSpace can do for you.


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