3 Things to Think About When Closing Your Summer Cottage

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 by Amanda Waldmann

3 Things to Think About When Closing Your Summer Cottage - Image 1

After last week’s brief return to summer, it looks like fall is finally fully upon us, and with that comes the harsh reality of putting away our summer gear. The biggest thing you may have to “put away” is your cottage or family vacation home. Whether you share with extended family or have your own little slice of heaven, there are a few things you should keep in mind.




Many homes that are ideal for summer use are in areas with harsh winter conditions. Areas up north or on Lake Michigan can get large amounts of snow and experience frigid temperatures, and with this comes issues for your unoccupied home. Water lines can freeze and explode, flooding your basement or crawl space and even the main living area of your home if the pipes are affected. 




There’s a good chance that you live a considerable distance from your getaway home. This means that in the event of severe weather or frozen pipes, it might be difficult to check on the house. If you don’t have a sump pump, you need one, and if you do have a sump pump, you should consider upgrading it or at least adding a battery backup pump (like our Ultra Sump) that will kick on in the event of a power outage.


The Future


If you don’t take measures to protect your cottage during the winter, come spring you might have a disaster on your hands. Water issues left to fester can cause major mold and rot problems and compromise the structural integrity of the home. Critters seeking escape from the cold can also make it through holes in the foundation and set up shop, even making their way above ground and waiting for you upon your return. Encapsulation with our CleanSpace vapor barrier can keep critters out, and adding a sump pump and dehumidifier will keep moisture away and mold at bay all winter long.


It’s sad enough to close up the house for the winter, so you may not want to put extra effort in as the days get shorter and cooler. But a little extra work now will prevent a lot of extra work in May when it comes time to reopen. Call us for a free inspection and find out how to protect your home all year.


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