Insulate Your Finished Basement the Right Way for Comfort, Energy Savings

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 by Margot Cornelius

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While some updates to your home bear dividends over time, others have an immediate return and make you glad you opened your wallet to get it done. Insulating your basement is one of those upgrades that make you wonder why you never did it sooner.

We have written extensively about various ways to insulate your basement as it relates to basement waterproofing. Today, we shine a big shiny spotlight on all the big and small ways you can increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your finished basement through proper insulation. You’ll be surprised by what we can insulate and the amazing impact it can have on the overall comfort level in your finished space.


Cold basement walls tend to soak up the heat from your home. If you have cinderblock walls, this problem is exacerbated by the sheer number of joints between blocks that not only allow water to leak in but allow heat to escape. A great way to insulate your walls is through installing one of our highly engineered basement wall solutions. Our ZenWall insulated panels include a reflective backing, insulated core, and an attractive vinyl facing which really transforms and brightens your basement. These wall panels can also connect to your perimeter system and drain incoming water to the sump pump.

Our ThermalDry wall radiant barrier creates a waterproof heat barrier on your basement walls. It has a reflective surface which keeps heat inside your basement. It will reflect up to 97% of all heat back into your basement. When our frigid Michigan winter days finally arrive, you’ll absolutely feel the difference while working downstairs. An insulated basement also makes for a comfortable homeschooling space where your kids will feel comfortable working all day long.

These are just two of our insulated basement wall solutions. Read about all our wall systems.


Basement floors are notoriously cold and damp and generally unwelcoming. Slapping carpet on top of a basement floor that’s uninsulated does not reduce cold from penetrating through your concrete floors. You also run the risk of your carpet absorbing water or ambient water vapor which is a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth.

Our ThermalDry insulated floor decking provides protection and insulation in one step! This subflooring is made of rigid foam floor insulation as well as a waterproof panel that prevents leaking water from penetrating the flooring. No more cold, clammy basement floors that make you double up on socks during winter! Even better news is that the rigid foam layer will also cut your energy and heating bills. This subfloor forms the perfect base to install the waterproof finished basement flooring of your choice.

We can help you start from the basement up to improve your home. By creating a dry, comfortable space below your home, you can improve the condition of your living space above. 

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